Friday, August 31, 2012

Insta Friday

It has been such a fun week & I thought the best way to share everything from this week would be a fun Instagram post. I love instagram! Don't you? To find me on instagram click the icon on the right side bar. 

Last Friday night we made a TON of cookies! Over 400! Thankfully 7 ladies volunteer to make cookies to contribute. Friday night we had our friends Jason & Meredith over & they helped bag up a ton of baggies full of cookies for college students @ LETU for church fair day...
we stayed up past our bedtime having fun & the next day we went to LETU for church fair day. I only came home with 40 bags of cookies. Eventually, we gave those all away too!

Had to mention Now Rejoice on instagram this week!
Click the link to get excited & involved with the series!
Oh, we finally got a new comforter but now our 
re covered lamps dont match. ha
Sunday was a fun day of just being lazy with my family.
I tackled late night dish washing. Seriously I hate waking up to a sink full of dishes more than I dislike being half asleep washing them right before bed. Anyone else do this?
Wednesday Noah started MDO. My friend's little girl, Eliana started too. After we went to hang out at the church. While they played we got to chat.
Look at this fun cup of coffee! This portrait was a surprise in Debbie's coffee cup on Wednesday night! I'm so thankful for my sweet friend Debbie. You know those people in life that you just really click with & feel like they totally get you, my friend Debbie is one of those people for me. Every time we get together we don't stop talking about what God is doing in our hearts, lives, and how he is growing us. We could talk for hours. Happy Birthday Lady!
Oh, my son decided to TP the house on Sunday morning. 

He also played me some music on the piano this week.

Yesterday I took him to stay with my parents for the weekend. He is just such a sweetheart. On the long drive he wanted to call Grammy, so I let him. Well then I heard him say, "mommy is driving, daddy is at work at church, I go see grammy okay?"
He wasn't on the phone with my mom. A telemarketer had called & Noah answered. Ha! She got an ear full as they talked for 7 minutes! Too funny. Eventually I picked up the phone & the lady on the other end was really nice & she was happy to chat with him for a while.

I would love to see your week via Instagram. Leave a comment so I can come say hello! I think next week I might make this a link up!
Happy Friday!


  1. - not as detailed as yours but it was good!

  2. Hey girl! Visiting/following from the blog hop! Come over and visit me today! :)

    Mmmm lot's of cookies, that was really sweet of you and volunteers! LOVE that new comforter of y'alls!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

    1. it was a ton of cookies. Thanks, we've needed one for a while but couldn't find one we really liked.

  3. Nice blog you have here. You brought home 40 bags of cookies?? I would have stashed them around the house ego eat later! Haha! YES< I have to wash the dishes before I go to bed, no matter how late. I can't stand waking up to a sink full of them---not a good way to start off the day! Newest GFC follower from the weekend blog hop. Would love it if you could visit and follow back via GFC! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my, no I refused to bring home the cookies. ha! I couldn't even bring myself to eat one of the cookies I made bc I was on cookie overload. ha! Thanks for stoping by.

  4. YES!!! I can't stand waking up to dirty dishes even if I'm about to pass out from exhaustion so if it's late night dish washing that needs to be done I'll gladly do it to avoid them looking at me in the morning.

    Great pictures, and I love the one of your son TP the house before church.

    I'm a new follower.

    1. Well, I use to not be this way (caring about the dishes before going to bed) but lately I just can't handle it. I'm glad because I like them going in the morning! Looking forward to reading your blog.

  5. That coffee portrait is so cool! And that conversation with a telemarketer is beyond hilarious! Also, congrats on 400 cookies - that's quite the feat!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)

    1. Oh it was soo cool. Next time I go back I might request a portrait! ha! Thanks for stopping by!


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