Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dancing in the Rain (Literally)

Noah really enjoying himself 
Dancing in the rain with my baby boy!
Monday evening we had such a beautiful rain. The kind that is heavy but quiet at the same time. The sun was shining & the rain was perfect. It was 6:30 pm and I was quickly trying to send a few emails & get ready for Java after Jammie's (coffee with sweet ladies from my church). Noah was really wanting to go outside.
 It was raining... but we decided to let him play...

and we are so glad we did. Noah had a blast! It was so fun watching him dance in the rain. Johnny & I were laughing so hard & I'm sure we had smiles plastered across our faces. I got my hair kinda wet & frizzy but it was all good. I still made it to Java after Jammies & had such a fun time there, like always. I'm so thankful to have opportunities to just stop & enjoy being a mommy and really live in Noah's world. Everything is so new to him. It is wonderful watching his reactions to feeling the rain on his tongue, getting his clothes soaked, and dancing freely. Moms make sure you are enjoying your babies, even if that means you have to get uncomfortable or alter your schedule. 
It is worth it! 
One more thing before I go... 
this morning I was watching The Today Show, which is rare because I prefer Good Morning America (they seem nicer, ha) & this guy started to sing. I shazamed it on my Iphone & now I love this song! Have you heard it? I posted it on instagram last night & a friend told me he won American Idol.  I had no clue.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. He's ADORABLE! Stopping by from the Return the Favor hop. I followed you on Bloglovin! Love it if you'd stop by and return the favor!

  2. Love the pictures of dancing in the rain ... maybe that is something we, adults, need to do more often as well!


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