Friday, October 5, 2012

Insta-Friday, The Week Re-Cap

Happy Friday Friends! 
This week has been pretty crazy around here with the exception of yesterday, which was full of at home planning out the next month of events coming our way. Lots of fun things in life that just gotta be planned & brainstormed :) 
Saturday we hung out as a family & did a lot of relaxing. It was lovely. The rain was perfect for the day at home.
Monday nights are Java after Jammies with some sweet ladies at Panera. I hadn't got to see Johnny much so he came into the bathroom while I got ready. Played me some tunes & Noah had to bring his drum in to play with him. Of course. Totally normal bathroom activities, right??
Noah & I had lunch at Chick Fil-A with friends on Tuesday. 
We also had to take Noah to the doctor for his ears. I'll explain later. Oh my!
Wednesday morning I went to a friends house for a bit, went shopping for the Stripes Party for Influence next week. And then the afternoon rolled around & I realized that my goal of cooking at least 1 meal for the week was slipping away... so I literally raided our pantry to find tortillas, enchilada soup, enchilada sauce, green salsa of some kind (ha), queso white cheese, & made 1 1/2 cups chicken. Literally, I threw it all together & made easy enchiladas. 
Oh, we threw sour cream in too.
They may not look too appealing here, but let me tell ya, we were SHOCKED at how yummy they were. Could have used some more heat but they were pretty good friends.
Thursday, Noah & I seriously laid around so much! 
It was wonderful & relaxing. Much needed.  He was a bit of a handful this week but this kid can snuggle like no ones business. I totally took a 2 hour nap with him on the couch yesterday. Couldn't tell ya the last time I did that. 
It was so nice.
Thursday nights are young adult small group. We went to Starbucks & played Apples to Apples instead of the usual at our house dinner & Bible study. It was fun! Noah LOVES Chase! It is pretty sweet & funny. Happy Friday! Hope you have a great day!
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  1. I have to tell ya, I just love your blog! I saw your "She Reads Truth" button and joined the Ephesians study yesterday. I am loving it! :)

    1. Oh thats great!! I really LOVE She Reads Truth. Do you use instagram? If you do, it is a great way to connect to so many women who are doing the study. Search the hashtag for shereadstruth.

  2. What a great week! I love apples to apples.


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