Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Grace.

I wish that I knew each of you in real life. I wish on Monday nights you could come to Java after Jammies at Panera to get coffee with me & some of my friends. We could talk about what your week is like, what is going on in your life, and what the Lord is speaking to your heart.

The last two weeks the Lord has been doing a work in my heart. He has been showing me something I didn't even know I needed to work on. Don't you love that!? On Monday night at Panera I was sharing with friends how I'm kinda going through a little something right now. They were kind enough to let me ramble on a bit (as I often do) & listen. Before going home my friend Debbie, who is so great that I want y'all to know her too, prayed with me. Something she prayed was, "Lord, show her how to give grace in new ways". Y'all that has shaken me so hard. I've desperately been trying to pin-point exactly what the Lord is trying to teach me through three difficult situations in our lives right now but could not put my finger on it. The Lord can use every difficult situation in life to teach us, but we have to be teachable. 

It's, Grace.
Earlier in the day on Monday as I went for a little drive and had this song on repeat & was talking with the Lord, I asked him if I needed to make more of an effort to show grace. Honestly, I didn't really give the Lord time to answer because I didn't feel like dealing with it then. Thankfully, God spoke to me again, but through Debbie as she prayed. Friends, He doesn't give up on us. Even if we don't listen the 1st time.

My thoughts on Grace.
Graciously Jesus died for my sins.
Graciously he loves me when I'm unlovable.
Graciously the Lord works through me. 
Graciously he sees me.
He knows me
He calls me by my name.
He knows my heart.
He knows every secret in my heart.
So, of course. Of course I must show grace to others because of all the grace he pours out on me. These two scriptures have been on my heart the last month. Today I understand why I've been sketching this picture for the last few weeks in my journal. 

For me, I know gaining a deeper understanding of God's grace is the only way to truly pour it out from within me to others. I'm grateful for a God who is patient & loving enough to work in me as I learn a deeper & truer understanding of his grace.

"God would surely have known it, for he knows the secrets of every heart." {Psalm 44:21}
"I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine." {Isaiah 43:1}

It is always a good idea to ask the Lord to reveal things in our hearts. He already knows all of our secrets. We can't keep them from him. Instead lets ask him to work through us as he reveals the areas we need some work on. Lets make a commitment to grow spiritually. Instead of getting outraged at the situations lets learn the lesson the 1st time around instead of having the problem re-surface over & over. Although we may not be the one at fault, perhaps the Lord is bringing us in the picture to reveal things in our hearts we can work on.
 Let me share this song with you, 
 If you would like someone to pray or talk with about Grace or anything click the "lets pray together" tab at the top.
Happy Wednesday Friends!
*both verses are from NLT*


  1. God's grace is awesome Brittany. We live and survive only by the grace of God. Ad we should share His grace too...
    Visiting and following from Into The Word, have a super blessed day!

    1. Thanks lady. So true. Love how the Lord continues to grow me & my understanding of who he is. thanks for stopping by.

  2. Girl, I am so with you. Learning about grace is an ever present thing in my life. It seems that once I feel close to understanding, I realize I am SO far from it. Praise Him that He is gracious to us and loves us enough to keep teaching us about grace!

    1. I know Becky. I love that we will never reach a place in our lives that we know everything about the Lord or that we understanding all that he is. I love that we can strive to grow & know more.

  3. Oh my girl i tell ya i'm right there with you!!!! RIGHT there with you!!! Grace, grace, grace! Unfortunately I feel like i'm failing miserably these days!


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