Saturday, November 3, 2012

Block Party

On Halloween we hosted a Fall Block Party at our house. For the past few years our church has sponsored block parties throughout the city as an alternative to traditional Halloween festivities. Anyone & everyone passing by the house who is trick or treating is encouraged to stop by for games, tons of free candy, hot dogs, and sodas. This was the 1st year we've had it at our house. We really enjoyed it & there were SO MANY PEOPLE! IT was pretty awesome. We started about 6 & went until 9:30. Let me show ya. 

Noah helping Chase cook hundreds of hot dogs. 

 Noah went as a little preacher man. He was going to be Clark Kent but then we found Johnny's suit (from when he was a kid) hanging in Noahs closet the day before & thought he needs to wear this before he cant!
He loved it. He loved the block party. All the people. The bounce house. Candy. Everything.
 Until it was time to come in at 9:45. Then then the melt down was out of control! Ha! I had to share!

After Noah went to sleep the two of us were outside trying to get the light tower down. It was not cooperating & was slightly broken. My man figured it out though. I hope you had a great Halloween too. Happy Saturday.


  1. A block party sounds like such a neat idea. I have heard of them before, but I haven't ever been to one. Noah was a very cute little preacher man. ;)

    1. It was fun! Ha, Thanks. He plays a preacher man pretty good.

  2. Block parties are so much fun...I wish we could have come! :) We just stayed in and then ran out of candy super early and had to turn of all our lights and hide. :)

    1. yes. they are! Me too, that would have been fun. thats funny!


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