Monday, October 1, 2012

Sundays, Sometimes Go Like This...

Robert Kyle, Jen, & I at my sisters Apartment in Austin when I was probably 21. Look at that my hair! 
Sundays are always the most challenging day of my week. 
I remember growing up that, generally, this was the common theme in our home on this day. Trying to get everyone up, ready, out the door, and in one car - together - & arrive at church in a positive mood. This didn't always happen. 

On any given Sunday, my sister & I were arguing about who was wearing which shoes, if she "stole" my shirt, if I "stole" her purse...yada yada...the usual normal sister stuff. Most likely my younger brother was getting on our nerves or we slammed his fingers in the sliding van doors. (Ouch, that happened way too many times). Perhaps, I was saying something smart aleck to my mom & she was giving me the look like, "You know you shouldn't have said that Brittany Michelle" Then, in Jr. High & H.S. it wasn't unusual for my daddy to take me home during worship to make me change my clothes because my skirt was too short or my top needed an undershirt. Oh my! (more often than not he was right, I'll admit it!) Still, to this day, I hear my daddy kindly saying, "Baby, now if you can't kneel at the alter comfortably in that dress you need to change." Honestly, before I purchase clothes I still ask myself this question. 
Noah laying at my feet playing, while I get ready.
My poor parents. Noah is only 2 & I can already foresee Sunday mornings with him, his siblings, & myself trying to get everyone ready and to church in one piece. I can only imagine how overwhelming Sundays were for my momma. In sharing all of this... Sunday morning was not the kind of morning I had thought I was going to have... Noah & I were listening to the worship service @ Oral Roberts University while we got ready. He was saying cute & sweet things all morning. I was ready to leave the house before 9. And then. I couldn't find my keys. Got to church at 9:30. Noah refused to stay in nursery. I literally needed someone the peel him off of me because he just wouldn't let go. I tried to stay in worship with him but the music was too loud for him. (BTW Worship was Incredible, what I heard of it). Until about 11 I was in & out of church, nursery, and the bathroom for time outs with Noah. Oh my. 

 After worship, Johnny came down from stage & I explained what was going on. Then, Noah & I left. I was so hot from wrestling with Noah for nearly 2 hours & was exhausted & decided to go home. Blah! Not the way I envisioned my Sunday starting off. I headed to Starbucks, waiting in an incredibly long line, listened to Noah scream & cry for daddy, paid $5 for a coffee, & happily drank my  tall white mocha (not the skinny version friends) and drove home.
On the way home I just kept thinking about this song....
We were listening to it in the car on the way to church. Noah kept saying, "mommy, that is daddy singing?" lol
On the way home I kept thinking about these lyrics, 
"You're rich in love, and you're slow to anger
Your name is great, and your heart is kind.
For all your goodness I will keep on singing.
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."

I love these words. I don't always get moments like these right. Moments when Noah is being a normal 2 year old & testing my patience, I don't always react in love. Times when life throws me curveballs that we really never saw coming, at first I don't respond in patience with the situation. or kindness. and I'm not always slow to anger. I love that although I didn't get to be in church the Lord was still working in my heart & teaching me.
He was showing me how great it is to be slow to anger. To react in kindness. And to go with the flow of life. I love that in all situations, even little ones like this, that if we are open we can find learning moments in the Lord. 
Love how he works if we let him.
  So when I got home from church I drank my coffee & watched an episode of Friends. (because that is super holy, ha!) This show is so silly & helped put me in a better mood. Then when Johnny got home he instructed me to head out & go somewhere. So here I am, writing this out. Enjoyed a cup of soup too. Anyhoo. Off to have coffee with a new friend. 
Happy Monday!

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  1. awww how challenging for you! Glad you were able to see God through it all and step back for a while.
    Not that I have kids yet but just like marriage, they look like such a refining process =)
    Much love & Hugs! Hope today is a better day for you!

    1. Thats a great way to put it sometimes, "a refining process" lol. The week got better for sure, thanks friend!

  2. Soooo relatable!!!

    With 4 kids, sometimes Sunday mornings are nothing but chaos...and then we get to church, come to prayer and worship and it all slips away:)

    1. Glad others can relate. So true, as soon as we start entering in, everything seems to go away. Thankfully.

  3. I can only imagine that Sunday mornings are going to be crazy once my little one gets here! But I'm glad you enjoyed that starbucks drink on the way, always makes me feel better! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments Monday!

    1. It wasn't to0 chaotic until he started walking. lol. Although it seemed that when he was a newborn I would be ready to go & then he would throw up all over the both of us. ha! Those really are funny memories now.

  4. Great post, and I love what you said about how He can work in our hearts if we let Him, even when the day seems to be going all wrong!


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