Friday, September 28, 2012

Thrifting For Toddlers

Obviously I love to thrift! But let me just say that I love to thrift for clothing for Noah. It is insane the deals you can get for toddler clothes in thrift shops. 
The outfit he is wearing was a total of 12.50! 
Most of the time, when we are out & about, Noah is dressed in button-ups just like his daddy. Johnny is known for wearing button-ups & pointy dress shoes, ha! So of course we tend to dress Noah similar. However nice name brand button-ups & dress pants for toddlers are outrageously priced & you will not catch me paying those prices for a toddler because it will be worn a few months & potential stained. The brands of the thrifted pieces Noah is wearing..
 After I put this little outfit together yesterday for Noah I got curious about the brands & how much each piece would have been if purchased new. American Apparel starts at $30 for a similar shirt. Gap dress pants new are $26 and the shoes at target were probably about $15 before clearance.  That is $71 if everything was purchased new. 
Now, this is why we thrift! Saves $ plus its fun & you can get so many more pieces for the same price. Would love to see your thrifted pictures! Hope you link-up & Grab a button.
Happy Friday!


  1. Awww he's such a good little model! I thrift 90% of my fabrics and crafting supplies! So many people get rid of stuff that I can use! Silly them!

    1. thanks Jennifer! I know, thrift shops are the place to shop. Yesterday & today I hit up a great thrift shop while visiting my parents & bought so much fabric and several hoops!


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