Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pushing the Breaks, in Life

This week has been pretty refreshing & nice to be at my parents house. After the wedding last weekend Johnny went back home but Noah & I stayed this week to spend some time with my family. We have been having a great time doing a whole lot of nothing except for hitting up thrift shops, playing at the park, & having fun at home. My sister & her kids are heading down to my parents tonight. 
The two weeks prior to us coming to my parents were pretty busy. There were just so many things going on & our days were just getting away from us. It felt like we needed to push the breaks on something but didn't want to give up anything we were doing. Life is kinda funny like that. Sometimes we feel too busy but then we wouldn't have it any other way. Well until we just get too tired & must go to sleep a bit earlier. Perhaps we are just like that. But by Tuesday last week when Johnny came home from lunch all I wanted to do was take a nap while he hugged me on the back deck. He let me for about 15 minutes :) 
That night we decided to each not go to the things we had planned to attend but instead head to Starbucks for some much needed family time. It was nice. Noah was very excited over his bacon muffin & I loved getting coffee with my two favorite boys! It is important to sometimes slow down & realize that we dont need to do everything we may want to do. This is an area that we are working on finding the balance in. Does anyone else struggle with this? 

To be honest, we use to be the type that didn't do a whole lot. Honestly. We just kinda stayed to our selves more & enjoyed our little family & life. About a year ago the Lord really started encouraging us to make more a community among the people in our lives. I'm so glad we listened because our lives are so much fuller with sweet friends & people we are doing life with outside of church & work. At 1st it is not an easy switch to make, but then you find yourself wondering what you did before? lol
Johnny & I tend to be busy bees as it is. We are constantly working on little projects for the house, Johnny is in the back yard doing yard work for fun, or I'm making hoop art or painting on the deck. We have such a hard time just sitting still & doing nothing. I'm the worst. I can't just sit still & watch an episode of Parenthood (do u watch this show?) without checking emails or planning something out with Johnny for the next day. Sometimes, I seriously wish there was an off button for myself. Its funny typing this out, because we wonder why Noah is on the go-go-go 24/7, ha! Guess he learns it from us :)

Honestly there is not too much of a point to this post other than to fill you in on what life has been like lately for us.
Thanks for letting me ramble & share.


  1. You have such a cute blog! I loved watching your vblog

    1. Thank you! It definitely took me 3 times to stop being quite so awkward. ha! Thanks for stopping by.


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