Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Represent: Take 1: My 1st VLOG!

Let me tell you about something amazing that is starting today called, Represent. Sarah, Allison, and Julie are the women behind this incredible opportunity for us to share our faith via vlogging. (Vlogging is blogging but through a video.) Represent is a vlogging series that is a place for us to testify about how we came to know God. 

This is just one of the many reasons that I have fallen in love with this community of women. Some people wonder why I blog or why I invest time into getting to know women who I do not see on a regular basis. This is why. These women love the Lord & they want to make his name known. So how could I not want to get to know these lovely ladies! Come listen to these testimonies & be blessed! 

Things you should know before you watch this video: 
1. It is my 1st vlog. augh! Excuse the extreme awkwardness that is this video (the screen shot says it all huh?)
2. hope the sound isn't off. 
3. it is a wee bit over the allotted 5 mins, by a minute.
4. can't wait to hear everyone's stories of how everyone has come to know Christ. I love this vlog series because it represents how beautiful a relationship with the Lord is. How each of us might worship him differently, go to different churches, or be in different places in our walks with him but ultimately it is all about our relationship with Jesus that matters. 
5. here we go....

RepresentTheseHappyTimes from brit @TheseHappyTimes on Vimeo.

Now that you know, how I came to know the Lord let me just say that if you don't know God or if you feel like you might have a misconception about him or questions about the gospel, please email me or click the tab above "Lets Pray Together" to talk or pray. I would love to hear from you!
p.s. this gets me so excited about Now Rejoice that is right around the corner!!!


  1. thank you SO much for sharing your heart and life and linking up today Brittany. It was so nice to see you "in person" and hear you. They always say the best testimonies are those who have followed Christ since they were children =)

    1. It was nice to share how I came to know Jesus. I often am reluctant for the fact that it was as a child, which is silly.

  2. Brittany! you have such a beautiful heart-it was such a pleasure to see your testimony video. I love your idea for Now Rejoice and I can't wait to see all that God has planned for your blog and your life-). Thanks again for linking up!

    1. Thanks Allison. So glad I got to link up & share!

  3. Oh goodness girl! What a beautiful testimony, PTL for how He has worked in and through your life =)
    Now that I have heard your voice and seen you, I so badly want to meet you & can't wait for influence!!!! =) =) =) =)
    Thankyou for being bold and sharing your testimony for so many people to hear, praying that the Lord uses your willingness to further His kingdom here in the blogworld =)
    Love you!

    1. Thanks Lady. Oh, I know, I can't wait to meet up in real life in a few weeks! Getting excited.

  4. You are so so so sweet girl! I PRAY that my Julia has the type of heart you sound like you did as a child. You are a blessing!

    1. awe, thanks Kelly! Thats such a nice compliment.


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