Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showing Off Today...

my wonderful family. Here we are... 
My parents. Us. Sister & her hubby Greg with Abbey & Tucker. Sweet Haleigh (Kyle's lovely lady) & Robert Kyle (my baby brother) This past weekend we all attended my cousin's wedding near San Antonio. Beautiful wedding & so great to see everyone.

      Family Facts

  • we love Jesus.
we are silly (like really silly)
our sarcasm is ridiculous.
wear our pajamas (
hohos-as we call them-don't ask why) way more than we should
really never know what my mom & dad are going to say.
sadly, none of our little families live in the same town.
(we are spread out over Texas)
we love blue bell ice cream. kinda a given.
mom is from PA & nearly all of my moms family is there (Mom's family is massive. if I told you how many children my grandparents had you probably wouldn't believe me)
dad is from Palacios, Texas. Tiny little town. small family.
we love to sing & have the guitar playing all the time.
if there is music playing we are dancing around.
my parents love music.
 I grew up listening to journey, U2, bon jovi, and springsteen. shocking probably.
I come from a family of people in ministry & have a great heritage of loved ones who serve the Lord faithfully.
thankful for a family who I can call my best friends in life.
these two, love them. they are crazy about each other.
us. we had such a fun time. as always. together.
oh how i love this man. y'all he is just the best. Really he is. He makes me strive to be a better wife & mommy every single day because of how great of a daddy to Noah & husband to me that he is. I'm so thankful for such a hands on daddy, who can take care of our son- better than i can- & is so supportive & loving to me and the dreams and interest I have in life. (had to brag on him)
Me & Jen. I miss Jen a lot. Trying to get her to come to Influence with me in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers. so
my sister married a boy from Florida.
I married a boy from Iowa.
they both love Jesus & play guitars.
& are phenomenal daddies and husbands.
We did good ladies.

My brother & Johnny being goofy. They knew each other for nearly 2 years before Johnny & I ever met. Johnny was Robert Kyles youth pastor. Abbey & Noah were dancing all over the place on Saturday night. Next to them is Clair, my cousin's adorable little girl. And here is Mr. Tucker being so cool during the wedding.
Oh I love these people. Hope you enjoyed getting to see my family & kinda meet them. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Noah is absolutely precious! I'm wondering if you named him after one and only Noah who built the ark? lol...if so, what a great person to name him after - the one who walked with God in a time when everything mocked him. beautiful family!!

    1. Thanks, I think he's pretty cute! Actually, we didn't intend to pick a Bible name. However, before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl, the name Noah was the only name we loved! But yes, Noah in the Bible is not a bad guy to be named after :)


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