Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Lately

Life has kinda been different the last few weeks. 
As you may recall we all got pretty sick a few weeks ago & then we kinda went through a funk. 
If you wish to know more read here & here. Good news is that Jesus is better than the funk so we have been pulling ourselves out of it the last few weeks. If you have ever found yourself in a funk then you know that it isn't always easy to get out of it.

However with the help of some very good friends, coffee, music & Starbucks we did. Seriously, I'm so thankful for great friends that will come over at random times, drink coffee with me at midnight, or sit for hours on end at Starbucks, all so we can pour into each others lives & encourage one another.

Anyhoo. So Life Lately...
Well Johnny never got better. He went to the doctor & was given a ton of medicine. Some worked but mostly didn't. We don't have medical insurance so we chose to at first not have the blood work & x-rays done, because well thats an arm & a leg. A good friend of ours is a doctor & he came over to check on Johnny. Him & his sweet wife also brought us an array of yummy things from Jason's Deli. Basically Johnny has a lot of fluid on his lungs & just has the most horrendous cough anyone has heard. Seriously. Its horrible and relentless. A few days ago he went back to doctor & was given more meds which seem to be helping. 

I've been kinda absent from the blog the last few weeks because of all the sickness, the funk, and then also last week I had company. My mom came up for a few days while Johnny went to a pastors retreat. (I missed my man but enjoyed the 2 nights of no coughing. sorry honey! love u! just saying.) 
My mom, Noah, & I hit up ome thrift shops. Noah found a new best friend. Ha! He also was pretty clever to put his straw in his mouth to match the little yellow man's pipe. Ha. This kid cracks me up!
We went through some Christmas shops in town & it was a fun time. Always enjoy my momma being here. Miss her!
Grammy taught Noah a few new songs while she was visiting this time & they read a lot new books together. I have a really sweet video of them singing Jesus loves me but I can't seem to figure out videos today! 

Happy Wednesday!

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