Monday, January 21, 2013

2013: Living Passionately

This weekend was lovely. Lots of time spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather. 
Lots of time for this little guy to run around, to roam freely about the yard.
After playing his version of soccer/baseball I decided to relax in the hammock. 
To my surprise, Noah started pushing me. 
I was swinging fast & a bit of control.
I was laughing so hard! He was laughing even harder.
His smiles were from ear to ear.
 Noah's joy is often overwhelming.
 He could barely stand up.
I pulled my camera out of my pocket & just started snapping while trying to not fall out of the swing. I didn't want to let this moment pass by. I wanted to capture the joy and excitement in his eyes.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to be purposeful.
Purposeful in everything. Including taking pictures.
Twenty years from now I want to look back at pictures that show true emotion.
Creating memories that we will both remember so vividly. 

Noah is only two but has inspired me to live out this year in a new way.
The past few years I've chosen a theme for the new year.
 This year my theme is, Living Passionately. 
The Lord put this theme on my heart back in October. Slowly he has been speaking to me about what this looks like. One thing I know is that in January 2014 - I do not want to be who I am today. Not that I don't like who I am. Because, honestly - I do. However, I know that the Lord desires for me to grow abundantly this year. God calls us to grow every single day, growing in his ways, so by 2014 I want to learn new things, grow spiritually, and live out life in new ways. 

My desire is to live passionately. 
To live passionately for the Lord.
 I am excited to explore life in new aspects this year.
 Learning exactly what living passionately means, for myself.
Living Passionately to me, might look different that it does for you.
Living Passionately for me is finding the joy, beauty, and hope in everyday life moments. I am very excited about sharing more of this as the months go by. 

So, do you have a theme for the new year? 


  1. Love Your theme. and your beautiful heart. my word for this year is uncomfortable. I don't want to be satisfied. I want to move. even if it means not being comfortable.
    love the smiles in your little guys eyes :)

    1. Thanks Julie. Oh, uncomfortable is a good one. It feels good to be uncomfortable, especially when we are serving the Lord the way he has called us to.

  2. Love this. If I could summarize last year, it would be "hard". I think this year could be "changes". I am trying to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. Working on my heart, and seeing where God takes us. :)

    1. thanks lady. Change is a great word for the year too. Especially if you feel the Lord moving your heart. Lord knows we can all change & grow, kinda goes along the lines of Julies word to be uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks again for the sweet e-gift the other day, such a nice surprise!

  3. Noah looks like such a sweet little boy! I like your sentence about how a year from now, you don't want to be who you are today. I feel the same way--this need to be constantly growing into the woman God wants me to be :)

    1. awe, thank you Rachel. Thats awesome, ya I just want to continually be growing-like you said, growing into the woman God wants me to be :)


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