Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Over the years I've made list of resolutions that my heart felt confident in pursuing but my mind was not set on. However, last year was the first year I made New Years Resolutions that I was determined to keep & hold true to my word. Last years list was going to be different. I am happy to say that it was! I accomplished every one of my 2012 New Years Resolutions. All twenty of them. This list is at the bottom of this post if you are interested. 

How did I do this? I would like to say it was a piece of cake & that I kinda just went with the flow and everything kinda just fell in to place. However, this was not the case for most of the resolutions, but for a few it was pretty simple. So, because this past year I was successful at keeping my resolutions I decided to share how I did this. I'm not delusional & I'm aware that my expertise are non existent. I know that my degree is in Social Work & I've never worked as a Life Coach, but really the two jobs are pretty much the same. Anyhoo, my method worked for me so perhaps it will for you too.

4 Ways to Keep Resolutions
(One) Mindset. First things First, your mindset must be in check. Read the definition above of Resolution & understand it in your heart. Be determined to reach the goals you set even if you set 20 instead of an easy 3 (like your's truly). Be firm on each resolution. Take it seriously. 

(Two) Inspire. Your Resolutions Must Inspire You. They MUST! If you are actually wanting to hold true to them for an entire year, they must be inspiring. New Years is an exciting time because we often dream of all the things we wish we would have done last year but didn't so we suddenly decide to make resolutions to do those things in the new year. However, the things you wish you would have done, never got done.... why? Most likely, because they were not things that inspired you.

Ask yourself these 3 Questions before Making Your Resolutions:
1. Why do I want to accomplish this?
2. Is this positive, will I grow as a person?
3. How does this resolution inspire me?

(Three) All about Me. The Resolutions you make must be made for YOU! Only you. Don't make them because you think your friends & family would like to see you accomplish them. If you do this, then the resolutions will quickly become a burden instead of a new passion. Remember, they must inspire you, not your momma. Just saying.

(Four) Go After It! List your resolutions in a place that you can see them often. I put them in my journal, life planner, and my yearly calendar. This year I will be making mine into a print, framing it & sticking it in my work space. Every now & then take a glance at your list to see if you are staying true to your word. If not, evaluate why, decide if you will keep the resolution or not. Its okay to throw one out. 

Now, go grab your pencil & paper to create your new year resolutions that inspire you to be a better you, live creatively, find your passion, grow as a person, and most importantly be authentic in your endeavors  Stay true to you! 

I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment & share some of your resolutions for the new year!

My 2012's Resolutions
Paint or draw at least every other month
accomplish one of my life goals
journal at least once a month
continue to enjoy blogging
re-open etsy shop
sell in a market
go on more date nights with Johnny
learn to sew (better)
write more songs with Johnny
sing more with Johnny
go on a missions trip (in or out of country)
buy a grown up/nice camera
go to the beach
read at least 10 books this year
have more girls nights
throw a lovely dinner party
get pedicures more often
live my life as if there will never be a, later.
teach Noah about the Lord
volunteer more


  1. I love your resolutions especially teaching Noah more about God and going on a missions trip. That's one of my goals too.

    1. Thanks Danette. I'm really hoping to go back to Haiti this year. We shall see what God has planned.

  2. This is so lovely!!
    I am so glad to have read it.
    Thank you friend!

  3. Great advice, Brit! I so needed to read it! I have a love/hate relationship with new years resolutions. I love making them and do it every year but cringe when I seem to have forgotten a lot of them by Feb. This definitely helps! :)


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