Friday, January 4, 2013

A Special Story {from 2012}

Every single Sunday after church, I head to the nursery to pick up our little guy.
The first thing he says to me,
 "I go worship now?" I say, "Yes Buddy,  lets go find daddy too!"
He holds my hand tightly as we walk through the sea of people in the foyer. He buries his little face in my skirt anytime someone bends down to talk to him. His expression turns bashful as he looks up at me.
Often ask me to hold him. Often I do.
However,  the moment we open the sanctuary doors
& he spots his daddy, he takes off!
 Running fast.
  Straight into Johnny's arms for a hug.
Then he runs everywhere. Under the grand piano. Up the balcony stairs. Onto the stage. Grabs a mic. Wants to play the drums. Sings with the guitars.
Then he runs around until we carry him out kicking & screaming to the car.

Every Sunday.
Except for this One Time.
 One Sunday Noah did not run around like crazy. Instead he held my hand as we talked to lots of people, gave many hugs, and said goodbye to friends after church. As Johnny & I were still talking with people I noticed him slip off onto the stage. There is a step on the stage that looks like an altar. I watched him out of the corner of my eye for about 25 minutes until we were ready to leave. I thought perhaps he dozed so I went up to him, "You ready to go home baby?" Noah, "No mommy. I praying. I stay pweese."

This momma's heart melted.
I realized that he was learning.
Learning the importance of prayer.
There will never be a more valuable lesson that we can
 teach our son, than spending time talking with the Lord.

My heart was overjoyed.
It still is.
Every time I catch him all alone singing worship songs.
Making up his own lyrics. Just talking with Jesus.
Last night we were getting ready to head to the church for a bit.
Noah says to me,
 "Mommy, mommy I be right back, right back. I go worship Jesus with my guitar."
Followed by hearing him sing sweet songs to the Lord.

Ladies, in this New Year lets commit to teaching our babies the importance of knowing the Lord. Spending time with him. Hearing his voice. Knowing his voice. Getting lost in his presence. Never wanting to be without him.
Lets set our children up for success.


    Love you girl & hope to be a mommy just like you someday :)
    Much Love!!

    1. thank you L. looking forward to seeing your face via skype this week :)

  2. Tears streaming down my face...

    So precious. So sensitive. I love that he is learning young.

    1. Me too Danette. So thankful he is learning to spend time with Jesus, right along side of us.

  3. Friend this is one of the most beautiful posts EVER to be posted. L from Glorious Within told me to come over and read asap :) And I am so happy I did. This is moving and so beautiful, you are an amazing mama. And our God is so so amazing. Love you!

    1. Thank you Erin! He is precious & I'm blessed to be his mommy.

  4. Just precious! We always pray before a meal, and I have to say that I've forgotten a few times and my son will stop me and say "prayer mommy!" You're totally right! It does melt my heart! :)

    1. It does, totally melts my heart every time I realize that what we are teaching him is making an impact.

  5. I remember that Sunday. I still have a picture on my phone from that day. He has such a sweet spirit already!

    1. :) I'm so thankful for his sweet spirit.

  6. oh my gosh, how precious!! this is so sweet, what a blessing you have :)

    1. Thank you. He is such a blessing to us!


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