Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun in the Sun

This weekend was spent primarily outside enjoying the sun. My hubby was in charge of a Golf Tournament on Saturday benefiting Mission of Hope in Haiti. So while he was out on the course Noah & I spent the day together. Although humidity is the heats best friend, somehow we managed to enjoy being outside for three hours. Like most little ones, Noah loves the water. So he enjoyed playing in the sprinkler & eating some popsicles. While he did that I dreamed and planned some for the next few months. Also worked on a project for Noahs room. 
Noah telling me, "Mommy you see that birdie over there, no take pictures of me take pictures of the birdie, ok?" Oh my word this kid cracks me up. Love the things he says.
Love this man of mine. Its been a very busy month for him & we've missed spending quality time together. Any chance we get I just want to be next to him. So Noah and I went out to the benefit at the end to enjoy dinner & to see who won prizes. The fun stuff. (I couldn't have handled a 3 year old for 10 hours out there.) 
Naturally, like his daddy, Noah loves any sport & enjoyed playing a little golf.
This little boy of mine truly brings me so much joy. I'm so very thankful for all the quality time we have together. Just being honest, some days are longer than others but even then - I still enjoy him so much. Feeling blessed this weekend. Thankful that the golf tournament was a success & proud of my my handsome man.
Happy Sunday.


  1. So, first of all. Your little man is just the cutest ever.

    Second of all, just read through your redemption story and feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your blog! (:

    Can't wait to follow along!


    1. Thank you lady! So glad you stumbled across tonight :)


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