Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello Again

Hey Friends. 
For nearly two months I've been a very quiet lady over here. March felt like perfect timing to take a step back from writing & sharing here for just a while. Just to wait for life to slow down a bit and for this pregnancy to feel a bit more normal. Praise the Lord, both are falling into place. Johnny & I struggle with being a bit too busy but as of lately are consciously making efforts to adjust our pace. It has been good. 

March & April in Review. 
In April
we celebrated our savior with our family, friends, & church.
myself & 2 friends painted 6 or 7 of these for a sermon series at church.
 In April, we squeezed in quality family time whenever & wherever we possibly could. I'm telling you friends, the last few months have been nonstop crazy busy for our little family. All good things. 
We enjoyed lots of friends & family visiting! 
I made it a habit to pack to small group where my friend Debbie kindly administered my progesterone shots.
Enjoyed lots of fun girl time.
The sickness. Our little family has been very sick twice in the last few months. Yuck.
love this little guy.
The last few months have been full to the brim of all the good things in life; faith, family, love, friends, community & much more. We are working to make this next season of life a bit slower in pace while still incorporating all of those good things.

Happy Monday! 


  1. I found your blog on The Collective and started following on google friend connect. Congrats on the new baby! I hope that you are able to successfully slow down and surround yourself with calmness for as long as you need it!

    Ashley @

  2. Hi there! I’ve discovered you via the Collective Monday Hop! This is such a great way to discover new blogs. I’m running a giveaway today if you’re at all interested.

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    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings


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