Monday, May 13, 2013

Winning the Lottery

This weekend was such a sweet one. Johnny was in Nashville all last week for a MAPS trip, so when he got home we relaxed all weekend. Sunday was a special day, Mothers Day, my dads birthday, & our little guy turned 3 years old! 
Love the way my little Noah holds onto me all the time. Sometimes I think my heart might burst with how much he means to me. I am so blessed to be this sweet little man's mommy.
Look how big my baby is.
Saturday was a movie day in bed as a family. Just wonderful.
We came home from church yesterday & enjoyed lunch on the deck. Johnny & Noah built me a table from an old pallet on Saturday & I made a yummy cake & cucumber sandwiches for lunch the next day. The weather in east Texas is just beautiful. We spent the entire day outside on Sunday, I was even in a sweater I was so chilly. Um, thats just craziness for Texas.
I sketched while my guys played baseball. Couldn't help but think of all of our little ones, our sweet Noah, the two we lost this past year, and this precious little one on the way. I still can't believe I'm already 5 months pregnant. We find out what we are having in a week. Although we are overjoyed about this precious baby on the way, my heart is still missing the two not with us. To be honest, yesterday I struggled a bit just thinking about how much my heart misses them. I was telling Johnny in the afternoon that I'm so happy yet still my heart is sad at times. We know that is okay & my heart can always miss them even though I'm happy all the while. Its wonderful how love  and grace work in our lives like this.
I bought some new water colors last week & yesterday put them to use. Saturday night Johnny & Noah gave me my mothers day gift, I'll have to show y'all what it is later.
Johnny serenaded me with some Ray LaMontagne :) 
It was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed every minute of it outside. How is it possible that we have a three year old? My heart can barely believe it. Thankful I can enjoy the best job in the world, being his mommy. Yesterday was one of those days that I just didn't want to end. Spending my day with the two most important people in my life in the setting of my choice meant the world to me. Although yesterday wasn't anything too over the top I went to bed feeling as if I had just won the lottery. The lottery of life. 
Before I go, a picture of my mom & I. 
Thankful I had her to show me how to be a mom. 
Happy Monday!


  1. You're so beautiful Brit, I'm sooo glad you had a wonderful day and weekend!

  2. That cake looks so yummy, and your yellow shirt is darling.
    New follower from the blog hop where I am co-hosting! I hope you will follow back!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  3. That little boy of yours looks so happy and precious - looks like a great weekend! Found you at the blog hop - happy to be your newest follower!

    xo Samantha

  4. so sorry about the two you have lost. but man is your little boy cute. you are blessed indeed.

    i'm a new follower.

  5. I've just found your blog and have loved it! Your family is so cute. Your tea party looks amazing! Glad you had a great mother's day!

    Rach @

  6. Found your blog throught the blog hop link up thing. LOVE your hair color! Following your sweet blog. So glad I found this your family is so stinking cute!


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