Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life is in the Happy

Something you may not know about me, unless we are friends in everyday life, I'm not a planner. I can be & if I'm throwing a party or hosting something I'm all about the planning. However, everyday life is much more enjoyable-to me-if things just happen. 
One day last week I came home from grocery shopping & thought it would be fun to enjoy a picnic outside. Texas is experiencing some very unusual cool May weather so we are living outside until things heat up. A friend gave me a fun basket the day before so I threw in it a thrifted tablecloth, packed us some lunch, including a piece of pie from a local bakery, and grabbed some mason jars & the water jug. 
Noah loved it. It was a fun little adventure that he now wants to go on everyday. We eat outside all the time, but rarely pack a lunch & make it a fun event. Can I just say that sometimes things don't have to be a big deal & thought through. Life is really wonderful when we just enjoy it, everyday-in fun little ways. There is so much life in the small but happy things of our every days. Life passes us by so quickly so lets be sure to enjoy all the life to be found in happy regular moments. I may have had a huge stack of laundry awaiting me in the house but chose to have a little more fun outside. How are you finding Life in the Happy Lately? I would love to hear!

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