Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Dimple: Our Reminder of Healing

Forever I just want to keep him so close to my heart.
My little Noah turned 3 on May 12. Noah came into our lives as a very big surprise. Johnny & I were only married 3 months when we learned I was two weeks pregnant. Life was a bit crazy at that time as we were in full time ministry (youth & college), I was a full time student, and we lived in an apartment on the church property. Perhaps Noah was not a part of our life plan at that time, but the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us our son.
When I was 5 months pregnant we learned Noah had kidney problems. The rest of my pregnancy I saw a specialist often & had ultrasounds every month. (The fun ones that our 4D) The doctors worked with us on a plan of action for Noah to have immediate surgery & on going care because one of his kidneys was very large for his tiny self.  Noah came three weeks early and he was born just over 6 lbs. after 22 hours of labor & his mommy having some intense complications. The Lord was faithful to us through it all. Immediately after he arrived the specialist completed an ultrasound & a few other test on him to prepare for surgery. However, the Lord had already healed him. His little kidneys were perfect & he has never had a problem. The only reminder we have of his kidney problems is the tiny dimple on his right ear. The specialist explained that the reason for the dimple is because the kidneys & the ears develop at the same time. Often when there are problems with the kidneys in the womb there is a small dimple in the ear that forms. For us it is the perfect reminder of the Lords faithfulness in healing our little Noah. 
This baby. He has always been silly & making us laugh.
He has never been afraid to show us how he truly feels.
& napping anywhere has never been a problem for him.
There has not been a single day to pass that our little Noah has not brought us true joy & laughter. I have been looking over the hundreds, thousands of pictures I've taken of him over the last three years & my heart is so full as I thank God for giving him to us. Thankful for his healing. We were not sure of the timing when we found out we were expecting, but God knew exactly what he was doing. Excited for this new year with our little man! Happy he will be a big brother soon.
Happy Thursday!


  1. He is such a special little guy, and the ear dimple thing is such a special reminder. Your photos always make me happy!

  2. Thank you Shannon! His dimple is such a sweet reminder :)


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