Monday, May 20, 2013

The Bump: 20 Weeks

Somehow I am already 20 weeks pregnant with this sweet little one on the way. This pregnancy seems to be going by rather quickly and I can hardly believe that month 5 is almost over. Wednesday, we learn if baby w. is a boy or a girl. Getting pretty excited to find out if I can start buying boy or girl clothes & thinking about nursery ideas. I've been looking at pictures from when I was carrying Noah. Below I was 21 weeks pregnant at a march for, The Calling, to protest an abortion clinic opening in Houston. Hence the red tape across my belly.
So, this pregnancy has been very different for many reasons. With Noah nausea never left my side, it was faithful up until the very end. Making itself known while I was driving down the freeway, giving presentations, and even taking test. Oh good times. However, with this pregnancy it was around but just not that often & almost completely stopped after the first trimester. Praise Jesus. 
The main difference between this pregnancy & expecting Noah is the extreme tiredness that I feel all the time. I'm so very thankful for modern medicine. I'm so thankful for progesterone shots, because they have helped make it possible for me to be pregnant & carry our sweet little one on the way. Seriously, I am so happy every monday to get my shot!! I've had to adjust to life with progesterone because one of the side affects I experience is the lack of energy. Like, I'm crazy tired. All the time. To the point that if someone offered me a million dollars to stay alert or awake from 2-8 pm on any given day, I would have to forfeit the money almost immediately. It just wouldn't happen. I'm just wiped out to the point that I feel like someone slipped me something. oh my! So me & this bump take it easy a lot. 

So it has been a challenge to slow down, take time to rest, and to truly be okay with not doing as much. I'm thankful that I'm learning to give myself grace, not feel guilty,  & ultimately do what is best for me and this baby. Also, I love being pregnant. There have been so many moments during the last few months that I just start crying for no real reason other than I'm so overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord to bless us with another baby. So with that said, we are looking forward to finding out the gender! Woohoo!
Happy Monday!
~ Brit

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