Monday, August 12, 2013

Worship. Coffee & Community.

Coffee & Community started back up again last Monday night and I'm so happy. About 2 years ago the Lord nudged me to start a little get-together, if you will, for women within our church to hang out once a week. Initially it started out as just hanging out but over the last year it has grown into something  spiritually deeper. Which makes my heart happy.

So during the month of August the Lord has dropped a few different topics in my spirit to talk about with this sweet group of ladies on Monday nights. Tonight we are talking about Worship! I'm pretty excited that this is one of the topics the Lord placed on my heart because it is one that I'm very passionate about. I truly love worship. Not just the church setting kind of worship - its wonderful, dont get me wrong - but I need more than just a Sunday experience to live out my life the way God calls me to. Honestly, I need worship to be tangible - everyday - to get me through life. 

I need worship as a lifestyle. 
Several years ago I would not have understood what it meant to, live worship as a lifestyle. 
However, the Lord has made it clear to me that to thrive in Him - the way the word expresses we should as believers - that I must worship with my life. Not just clapping my hands to songs on a Sunday/Wednesday or popping in a worship cd in my car while I drive - it must go way beyond that. 
If you know me well or follow me in IG you know that I love scripture art. It is one of the main ways I incorporate worship in my everyday life. As a mom, I want to start teaching my children from a young age about a lifestyle of worship. He loves scripture art because he gets to color :) I enjoy it so much because it allows me to take the things on my heart, grow in Gods words through scripture, and express my worship through a simple little illustration.

While thinking on Worship as a lifestyle, I can't help but go back to a childhood song that my sister & I use to sing together when we were growing up by Amy Grant. The chorus went, 

"I am not saying that worship is wrong worship is more than just singing a song. 
Its all that you say and all that you do. Its letting his spirit live in you."

For me this simple chorus completely explains how God intends for us to live out our worship. Through our lives. Not just in melodies & lyrics. Instead with our whole hearts, thoughts, words, mind, body, emotions, in our relationships, with our gifts & talents, and always finding ways to express our worship creatively. 

Over the next month I'm going to start a worship series on These Happy Times. I've wanted to for a while, but just haven't because I've been slightly sporadic in blogging. However, I feel this is the perfect time. So here we go! 
One more thing before I go.... 
Last night we had our Sunday night encounter worship at church. It was truly an amazing time of seeking the Lord & getting lost in him. I truly love corporate worship! A friend from our church put a short clip on facebook from last night, click here to see that. The song from the clip is by Bryan & Katie Torwalt called, Holy Spirit. This song makes me come undone before the Lord every time.

Last night was no different as my husband was leading us in worship. An amazing thing for this wife is getting to watch my husband worship in one of the ways God has called him to. Leading others into the presence of the Lord. Hearing the beautiful songs that Johnny was writing & singing as the Lord was giving them to him in the middle of worship is one of my favorite things in life. Watching others worship our King is just beautiful. 

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  1. i couldn't agree more. it is definitely a lifestyle, giving glory to Him with everything we do! love your scripture art approach, very nice way to teach the littles about worshipping with our life.

  2. Can't wait for your worship series! I'd love to contribute. Worship is art of my life! Have a blessed week!


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