Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monday, Saying Yes.

Oh this little guy of mine. Monday was a sweet day with him.
Johnny & I often play the game scattergories after dinner when we have friends over or with our college small group. We keep the game in the hutch in the kitchen & Noah occasionally will open the door and request to play it at random times. I usually redirect him to something else because...well... I know he is too little for the game and I don't feel like trying to keep up with pieces & whatnot. Just being honest.
So when he asked Monday to play & I said yes, it was as if I said we were going to disney land. His little face lit up & he was so proud to be playing it. This little man sat across from me with so much intrigue, patience, and excitement to play this game with his momma. I felt so guilty that my usual answer to us playing this game together is, no. I made up a few rules to help us have a good time & he was so happy.
We also did our usual painting.
We've been working on this little wooden puppy from Michaels for a week now. 
Monday Teddy got dressed too. 
That evening we went to a friends house for dinner & had such a great time just hanging out.Noah was in heaven outside & the kids picked these pretty flowers. I came home to find the perfect little place for them. It was a happy Monday!

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