Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Shower for Olivia

Earlier this month my friend LeAnn & my sister Jen gave Olivia & myself a lovely shower. It was great to have all the sweet ladies in my life together in one place, friends from in town & out of town. My friend Kayla & my mom also were able to make the drive up for the weekend too. I was really bad about taking pictures at the shower and snapped a group picture at the end but wish I would have taken it earlier before everyone left. Something else special about the weekend, it was the first time I've been able to meet in person my littlest niece, Eisley. Even though it was a quick visit I'm so happy & thankful I got to spend just a little time with them. 

Olivia was blessed with all kinds of pretty things during the shower. Including one of the cutest diaper cakes & a beautiful crochet blanket. There was also a headband making station (as you know I love making little headbands for Olivia) and a place for ladies to write encouraging messages for diaper changes. It was such a fun time to sit around, talk, and open gifts for this sweet girl of ours. We definitely have been blessed with so many things for her & we are so thankful.

Now if only we can get her room put together! :)

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  1. How special! Looks like they threw you a beautiful baby shower!


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