Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hitting Reset. Peace Over Chaos.

lets be honest.
some days are just rough. 
at least for me some days can be.
life can be a bit stressful at times with lots going on.
my 7 am wake up call is too early. 
the house is messy from the night before. 
there is no cereal or milk because I never went shopping.
Johnny left extra early to meet a friend for coffee.
Noah wakes up with an over-the-top stinky attitude.
mommy climbs out of bed with an unthankful heart. 
my feet hit the ground & everything is just off. 
bad. weird. not happy. 
more like crappy.
(just saying)
some days theres a whole lot of this going on & not much else.
somehow, its not even 8 am yet & I'm ready to crawl back into bed.
curled up to this guy.
these are the days that I'm thankful for my quiet time the day before.
I'm grateful that the Holy Spirit gently reminds me that I'm the mommy he created for Noah.
The Lord reminds me that many times I disobey, disappoint, and forget who is in charge.
That he is the one who time-after-time shows me unending grace that I don't deserve.
on these days, the Lord suggest I hit the reset button on our day. 
yesterday was one of those days.
by 8 am things were just going bad & were heading for horrible fast.
instead of disciplining an already very upset little boy I set him on the counter,
gave him hugs, and calmly asked him why he was so sad and upset. 
in the midst of Noah crying I asked the Lord to bring peace into our morning.

as the mommy, I make the choice to reset our bad days.
to change the mood. to make things a little happier.
with cartoons off.
we had a fun breakfast picnic.
just the two of us. with all our favorites.
peanut butter toast with sprinkles for him
 an english muffin with cream cheese for me.
with lots of fruit to go around.
he made silly faces while we ate
& I told him a story or two upon his request.
the rest of the day might not have gone perfect. 
there were still ups & downs yesterday. 
regardless, my heart was in the right place. allowing his attitude to be better.
once I made the choice to reset our day - to set the mood - my ability to
make it through the day with a gracious attitude for the both of us was a success.
that doesn't mean the day was easy or all was sunshine & butterflies.
if you follow me on IG you saw this picture around 4 pm.
Noah & I returned from an exhausting exciting day out.
we met Johnny & some of the other church staff for lunch around 12.
before leaving the restaurant I took Noah to the potty. 
Midstream he drops the nascar into the nasty potty. 
after retrieving the car we left it in the bathroom trashcan.
causing a massive meltdown. understandably so. 
on the way out he spots a vending machine with a soccer ball. 
he wants. I refuse. big tantrum. 

we head to Target for groceries & Noah is very good. 
then I make the poor choice to run into Michaels for one item I needed for a project.
5 minutes later I'm back behind the wheel sweaty & about to pass out.
exhaustion & embarrassment are at fault.

I had the pleasant experience of becoming the mom that everyone in the store is 
shaking their head at. My child is refusing to stay in the buggy & is crying loudly about it.
There is only one lady checking people out & about 4 buggies ahead of me. 
Everyone must endure my child having a meltdown.
home. unloaded groceries. made Noah a snack. cleaned up a bit. then I climb into bed.
for some much needed alone time. 5 minutes later, my sweet little guy climbs in next to me.

all smiles, hugs, kisses, and ready to color next to me.

yesterday was one of those days that challenged me.
to act in peace, joy, and patience instead of
chaos, anger, and losing it. 

it wasn't easy. it never is. I'm just thankful that I never do it alone. 
The Holy Spirit always makes himself available.
Some days I allow him in & others I don't.
thankful for grace.


  1. believe me i work for michaels, we have toddlers and babies in our store screaming and crying everyday. its that one little mistake that moms always say "i need one things for a project or i just wanted to see if you had this one idea for my house" that always keeps me laughing.

  2. Love this girl! I'm so glad that even when our days don't go as planned Jesus is still the same. Yesterday, today and forever. And no matter what He'll always be there to brighten your day when you let him. I had a day like this yesterday too! :)

  3. I love this post! I enjoyed the honesty, I'm touched by your faith and patience, and us moms certainly have these days of wanting to throw in the towel. You're a great mother and Noah is certainly a lucky little boy! :D Keep on doing what you're doing - God has big plans in store!

  4. the sprinkles on the toast is super cute & noticed you use mason jars for drinking glasses like we do in our house! :)


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