Thursday, August 15, 2013

Favorite Post by Other Bloggers this Week

This week I've actually been able to read some of my favorite blogs.
I've been popping in & out of this online community all summer so it is nice to
sit down to read some encouraging words, insightful thoughts, and great reads from
 a few of my favorite ladies who blog.

Here are my favorite post from other bloggers this week.
My sister Jen wrote from her heart with, Closing the Door, about the reality of coming to an end of having children naturally. What that looks like, feels like, & being excited about the possibilities of having more children through adoption. I loved this because so much of what she wrote is how I'm feeling right now. I'm unsure about the possibility of having more children naturally, if its an option for us considering how challenging my pregnancy has been. But like Jen, we are excited about the plans God has for our family. Click here to read her post. 

Becky from Apples to Gold shared, Swinging Between Peace and Furry, on Tuesday. It was kinda perfect timing for me to read this post after the day I had on Tuesday. I sat down to write Wednesdays post for my blog about a very similar subject, then went to her blog and found some very encouraging words. I love Becky's blog. She is one of my favorites! Click here to read her post.

I really loved Carly's post earlier this week, A Soft Heart and Thick Skin. She shared one of my favorite quotes, "Be Kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" while sharing an experience she had recently with some unkind words she received. It was encouraging to read how she graciously handled it & processed everything. Carly blogs at, This is My Story. She too is one of my favorite bloggers. Love her heart. 

Those are three of my favorite blogs to read & keep up with. Ones that I know you would love to visit just incase you dont already. Hope you head over to each of those post & be blessed by their words from this week.

Happy Thursday

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