Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quiet.Yet Chaotic.Somehow Encouraging.

flowers on the table that should be thrown out
toys under my feet - really, everywhere I look
Noah's uneaten pbj from this morning sitting next to me
a pile of dishes in the sink waiting to be washed
clean laundry asking to be folded
dinner that needs to be fixed

this all surrounds me while I sit at my kitchen table 
in my very quiet home. 

it feels so peaceful. 
yet chaotic 
but somehow encouraging.
have you ever had one of those days that should probably make you feel overwhelmed?
knowing that you have an endless to-do list waiting for you the second you stand up?
but somehow there is so much peace that all the chaos and perhaps uncertainty that life 
desperately wants you to notice simply, does not stand out.

instead your time is spent in peace. 
reflecting on everything the Lord is doing within your life. 

today this is where I am. 
I'm loving the beautiful beaming sunlight through my back door 
verses the mess of the room.
thinking of the fun of raising a little boy
the smiles he had while displacing every toy car he owns.
thankful for a community of sweet friends who fill our life
taking us away from the chores of the day.
enjoying the fulfillment of living a lived life. 
instead of being a slave to my home. 

today I am resting in Him. 
finding peace. while enjoying the chaos. 

where are you today?

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  1. Isn't it beautiful? The peace once we finally come to accept that? Love this post.


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