Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Life Changes: The Difference a Month Can Make

hey friends. so once again it has been a month since I have last posted here.
If you follow me on IG you have probably caught a mini blog post here & there.

life has been a bit chaotic, crazy, sad, bittersweet, exiting, over-the-top overwhelming, and wonderful all at the same time. Seriously, its possible. Let me explain....

About 9 months ago the Lord began stirring the hearts of both my husband & myself.
He began shifting things within our spirits. We began to think about youth ministry quite often.
However, we ignored the stirring for a while....simply because we truly loved the place in life we were at. And our place in ministry. We were comfortable.

While Johnny was in Haiti the Lord spoke to him about the stirring in our hearts... confirming that it was His perfect timing for us to step out in faith. To pursue this change in ministry for our lives. With the direction of the Lord we have taken a youth pastor position in Houston. While there is so much excitement in our hearts for what the Lord has in store for us in this new chapter of our lives - it is all very bittersweet because we truly have fallen in love with the sweet community of people from our church in East Texas. The thought of not getting together on Monday nights for Coffee & Community with the group of women I've come to love, respect, and value so much makes my heart hurt. The last few Monday nights were very bittersweet for me. We are going to miss our college small group get togethers on Thursday nights. Sunday night small group with other couples & friends we love. 

When we first moved there, Noah was 6 months old, I was heartbroken to leave the place we were before. I was honestly depressed & uncertain if the Lord was ever going to bring me true friendships again..real, authentic friendships. Of course, he did. I'm going to miss late night coffee runs with friends, sitting on the back deck growing & doing life with other couples, and praying through the heartaches of life with special friends. I'm confident these friendships were God given & lasting.

So thankful for our time at LFA & thankful for the relationships there. Also I love looking back on everything the Lord has done in our life over the last 3 years, incredible. He has been so faithful. I'm thankful for the times that truly hurt to grow in our faith... pushing us, testing us, and planting our roots deeper in Christ. So grateful.

So... Johnny actually began working & commuting a few weeks ago. We quickly realized that him being gone so often (so far) with me being very pregnant was a bit much. So we moved in with my parents about a week ago until Olivia is here & we close on our home. (My parents live just under 1.5 hours away from Houston) We put our house up for sell & praise the Lord have a contract on it. We would greatly appreciate your prayers that selling our home continues to go smoothly.

We are so excited about what the Lord has in store. 
My heart is so full thinking about student ministry again. 
I'm just ready. 
Ready for this transition to be complete. 
Ready for our precious girl to arrive in our lives so she can begin this journey with us. 
Ready to get settled into a new place 
Ready to jump in with both feet to what the Lord has ahead.
Exciting times for sure.


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  1. sweet girl! i found your blog tonight via your advertising on all glorious within.
    this post is encouraging for me as my husband and i do youth ministry through our church. sometimes its hard to feel like it's making a difference. hard to fit it in around the chaos of life.
    thanks for being brave and for stepping out in faith. our broken, hurting world needs more people like you guys. so be blessed in a big way!


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