Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The weekend was really wonderful. Friday is Johnny's day off & we slept in as long as our four year old would permit. Then Noah lured us all in to singing & playing for a while. Love mornings like that. Lazy, making breakfast, singing, playing, and now enjoying two little ones.  Check out my sweet girls Rosy cheeks. I put lotion on them all the time, but sometimes they are just so rosy. We have been calling her Rose more lately. 

 Sunday we spent the whole day outside after church. Enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. Johnny built us a table for the back porch area. I'm so excited about it! Seriously my hubby never fails to surprise me. He whipped that table up in about 35 minutes. The best part is we didn't spend one dime to make it. The wood was free & the legs we already had from a previous smaller table we used at our home in Longview. We still need to sand it down a bit & seal it but woohoo outdoor living again.
Restful & joyful weekends with my family are truly what I value in life. They are so good for the soul. Prepare you for the busy of the week ahead. Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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