Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Our move in September was a bit of a whirlwind. To say the least.
We put our house on the market not expecting to sell so quickly.
The buyer walked in a week later. We closed about 1.5 months after the house was on the market. Amazing. Answered prayers. 
We moved in with my parents 4 hours away, which was 1.5 hours from our new church. Also I was 8 months pregnant and the doctor I used with Noah was in that area. It made sense and we are so thankful that the Lord orchestrated us to be able to move in with my parents. To use the same doctor. Later we would realize just how God designed & life saving this move was.

We planned to rent a two bedroom apartment for a year. God had other plans. Better ones.
We got a call while in the hospital after Olivia was born that there was a house someone wanted to rent in our church to us. It was perfect timing to be getting that call. Olivia was having some complications and we were feeling discouraged. The idea of renting a home instead of an apartment was a reminder from the Lord that he was taking care of us.
After Olivia was born we moved to Houston. The Lord provided this beautiful home for us to rent. We were not at a place to buy again because of everything going on with me. It would have been way too much. We actually moved into our new place a few days before we closed on our home in Longview.

We have now been in our home since mid October.
We are blown away by the provision of the Lord with this home.
Plenty of room for Noah to RUN! Play. Great driveway to ride his bike. There is a pool. Quiet neighborhood in Houston is rare. Plus its lovely & all of our things fit perfectly.

The move has brought on some heart ache for our little Noah. He often ask when we are going home. Back to his garden. His room. Its provided the opportunity for us to explain to him that our home is not a house. 
Its a place where we are all together. 
I've enjoyed having more energy to get back outside with Noah. Now Olivia too. Its been wonderful.
Excited for spring to arrive. Johnny is making me a table to put out the yard to paint at.
The Lord never fails to surprise me. His faithfulness is truly unbelievable all of the time.
Even in the hard times. 
He is faithful.

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