Monday, March 3, 2014

He Moves When Our Feet Are Wet

Sometimes you just need to get your feet wet.

Lately I've been longing for the Lord to move in new ways within my heart.
It is amazing how just when I begin to wonder if there are new ways for Him to speak to me...

He does.
Its beautiful.

I've loved the Lord my whole life but still He shows me new ways to love. In Him.
Its been raining for a while in our life. Figuratively. We are at a place that we embrace the rain with open arms. For when it pours showers that are hard-seem to never end-He forever is on the other side giving fresh grace and mercy. Teaching us to trust beyond the ability of our own nature. We have learned that without our arms open in praise during the rain that we can not walk into His victories. We can not learn to embrace His full glory.

Tonight there is rain on my feet.
Perfect, refreshing rain for my soul.
As the Lord speaks crisp, so clearly to my heart.

I'm caught up in the love of the Lord while it literally pours rain all around me as I write out bits from my heart. Sitting outside with worship playing, hands raised praising the King - He is pouring his love out in showers of mercy & grace.

He reminds me that this is our time for victory.
When the enemy is moving the Lord is working.
God is breathing new dreams within us.
Healing moves throughout our bodies.
Our freedom takes deep root in him.
Boldness rises within our souls, crying out.
Worship brings the victory from the King.

As the rain pours with our eyes locked onto His, the enemy is confused.
The enemy does not want us to persevere standing in Christ as it pours.
That is the best victory of all.

Lets get our feet wet.
Even if its uncomfortable. Even if it is hard. Even if it hurts.
Even if you can not see your feet because the water is too deep, embrace the rain.
It is worth it.

Listen to this song below.


  1. Oh. this song. LOVE! Thanks for sharing. This was a beautiful {and needed} post!

  2. 'As the rain pours with our eyes locked onto His, the enemy is confused.' yes, i love that. that is victory in itself, you are so right. such a powerful post!


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