Monday, February 3, 2014

A Love Language I never knew I Had.

Flowers are a constant happy in my life. 
They are a beautiful way to encourage me to celebrate life. 
Even on the hard days they are subtle ways for me to once again be reminded of Gods glory.
His pure love for me.
Johnny has been buying me flowers once a month for over 3 years now. It was not something I asked for or ever suggested that he did. In fact, I was frustrated in the beginning because I considered it a bit of a waste of money. Just being honest. 

I was never one of those girls that was thrilled to get flowers sent to me in school or at work from my boyfriend. It was incredibly sweet and brought me a smile, don't get me wrong, but I knew how much a bouquet from a floral shop cost & that was just a ridiculous amount of money to spend. 

I feel like Flowers are a love language I never knew I had until the last year. 
I remember several years ago apologizing to my husband after telling him that I felt like it was a waste of $10-$20 a month when he would bring me flowers home from the grocery store. The instant those words left my mouth I felt the sting of them. He kindly explained what it meant to him to bring me the flowers and instantly I began to fall in love with them. And somehow even more in love with Johnny. Now if my husband is out of town, sick, or for whatever reason flowers don't make it into my home for a week or so I miss them. I am in love with flowers now. Any time I throw a party of any kind I always try to have them.
Flowers are so beautiful. 
The way they make you feel picking them out for someone else. 
A friend. Loved one. Even a stranger. 
They really do make me feel loved each day they are in my home. 
Loved by my husband. Loved by the Lord. 
So ladies, if your husband tries to buy you flowers from the super market, let him. 
If you are single, go buy a small bouquet for yourself and share them with a friend. 
Or fellas if you only buy your wife flowers on special occasions try surprising her with flowers from the grocery store. Place them in a mason jar or a tall drinking glass if you don't have a vase and wait for her to fall in love with them. More in love with you. Trust me, it will be worth the $10-$15 dollars. 
Maybe they are a way for you to love in a way you never knew how before.

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  1. I was just thinking about how I was going to go out and buy myself some flowers. I love them so much and they make your day ten times better. The flowers in your pictures are gorgeous!!


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