Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fish Out of Water. Me at a Nail Salon.

Y'all, my husband is the sweetest. THE sweetest. After lunch today he showed up at the house with a latte for me, took the kids, and told me he paid for a manicure & pedicure at 3 for me. (He paid for it before telling me knowing if he told me to go on my own, I wouldn't!) So I went. 

I sat down in that comfy chair with the massaging thing that goes up & down your back, they gave me some pop culture magazines, I sipped my latte, and watched the Pioneer Woman make something I dream of cooking on t.v. My toes were happy taking a bath in warm water while my hands were relaxed in a cool bath. It was all good.
Then I started looking around at all these women that knew when to take their hands & feet out of out of the baths. They didn't need to be reminded each time. It was so natural to them. They relaxed, enjoyed the massage chair and sipped their drinks. They were not trying to get the massage chair to stop moving because it was making them uncomfortable. Oh, and when it was time to decide which type of manicure to get - they knew! They knew there was more than one type! 
(Who knew?!!?) 

Then when it was time to pick their color(s) they already had them picked out. They didn't have to get up - taking the walk of shame to the color wall, stand for 10 minutes to pick out a color, then walk back to the lady performing this task of making their feet pretty. 
Oh y'all.... I love my sweet man for making me always feel pretty. I've said over &over the last year to him, "oh I should get one of those done soon" his response is "baby go today" my response, "umm no thats okay. Think I'll get some paints & a canvas" or "umm, can I go get coffee by myself instead & wander around a bookstore for an hour alone" Ha. Seriously, I was totally out of my element in this pretty little nail salon. But it felt good & it was the sweetest of my hubby. A few months ago he surprised me by pre-paying for my makeup to be done & to purchase all new makeup. Ha. Thats another place I'm totally a fish out of water. I go like twice a year to get makeup & feel so awkward because I don't know the lingo there either. My knowledge of makeup is so limited. 

Anyhoo. Any fish out of water stories for you? Please share. 

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  1. I totally agree! I've had 3 pedicures in my life and they were all amazing...and a little weird.


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