Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Time

It is summer time! Our family has been enjoying lots of early morning & evening swims together. On the weekends we just live outside as a family. Noah and Olivia have become little baby fish. I love it. They love the water just as much as I did as a kid. Still do.

A few days ago we turned on the sprinklers to let Noah run wild in them. He jumped off his bike with the helmet on and just went crazy. It is so fun watching him in his element. He is a runner. Always running. Doesn't matter where we are he is running if mom & dad give him permission.  

Life is so short. Lately we have realized just how true this statement is. I want to soak in my babies and family as much as possible. Noticing every expression when they experience something new. Holding them close when they get scared. Loving on them always. Watching their smiles grow in happiness. Walking through life with them. Experiencing it all with them. Making memories for a lifetime. 

This season of life is refreshing, good, and needed. 
Happy Summer Friends! 

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