Sunday, July 27, 2014

this Goodness overwhelms

Oh friends, life is full of so much goodness,
Even when there is so much heartache and challenge all around, the goodness of Jesus acts as a constant stream reminding us he has us right where we are.

The Lord has blessed us in such sweet ways during the last season of our life. There has been heartache, struggles, and challenges that I have not shared here out of respect for those I love the most, out of honor for what the Lord has been doing, and allowing the Lord to bring true freedom.

Y'all the Lord is so amazing. I get excited that the enemy tries desperately to steal the joy out of my heart, the peace from my mind, and the freedom in my soul that belongs to Christ because that means I must be doing something right. I'm not at all praising myself, oh my, please don't think that but I know that when God is working in my heart, in my mind, and in my life so is the enemy... or at least he's trying to distract me. The Lord is faithful to stand on our behalf, always fighting for us.

This post may not have any true theme other than I just want to remind you that God sees you. He knows yours heart. He sees where you are. He knows the struggle, the challenges you are facing. He sees that you are in darkness unable to find his freedom. The Lord longs to bring you peace. joy. happiness. freedom. restoration. he wants to use you. breath life directly into you. bring purpose into your life. walk you to a new place with him. set your feet dancing in the middle of your mourning. give you a voice when the enemy tries to give you silence.

Celebrate him in the middle of it all. He is worthy. Psalm 30:10&11.

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  1. He does! Thanks for this sweet reminder. I sometimes forget to look to Him when I'm really struggling. And when I do, somehow I just feel peace and love.

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