Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Days

Finding joy in our days. The last few weeks, this week will be no different, have been a bit busy. Thats probably a huge understatement, ha. So a few days a month we try to wake up, hop in the car, take off, no plans, and just go! Every time we do this we make the best memories. Planning doesn't work too well for us. Johnny & I are a bit of free spirits.

So on this day we opted to not have lunch instead trying out a new chocolate shop where we discovered yummy cheesecake, raspberry gelato, and wonderful macaroons. Heaven! We eventually ate lunch at Noah's pick, chick-fil-a, and then wandered around a beautiful outdoor garden. I have a feeling this place will be frequented often by us once the temperatures drop. 

I absolutely love watching Noah experience new places & things. My heart swells up so big! Spending time with our little family, doing new things together always seems to inspire our everyday life. We are slowly getting out and exploring the new city we live in now. I truly can not wait for Fall to get here and the temperature to drop so we can explore even more in cooler temperatures! 


  1. Family times are BEST! Beautiful pictures!!

    Feel free to link up this post"Weekend Recap LinkUp" for a chance to get featured on Friday!
    It's a brand new linkup I started hosting, so please spread the word! I appreciate it :)

    Have a lovely day!


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