Friday, February 13, 2015

Loving Well on Valentines

DIY Valentines Mini Gift Baskets.

Learning to love well is really wonderful. One of my favorite things is receiving small little gifts in the mail from friends or a drop off on my front porch. Nothing big, just simple. I have been so blessed with thoughtful people in my life to encourage me in the hardest of times or in the best of days - to simply say hi. 

Over the last few years I've fallen in love with gifting. The Lord is just so faithful to my little family & has always been so sweet to us through the kindness of others. One time someone blessed us so big (anonymously) to help with a need so great that it broke me. It made my heart tender. It made me realize that loving well looks different from person to person. That someone with a big gesture is just as valued by as a small gesture of love. For a while I felt that my small gesture of loving someone wouldn't be worth it - until I got brave enough to step out to do it.

I learned that loving well is the heart of Jesus coming alive within us the closer we get to him. 
Your loving well matters. 
Loving well is not about a price point. Loving well is about loving from your heart - reaching out from within to love the way the Lord leads you to. For me, loving well means dropping a coffee off to someone who is on my heart, making a batch of soup for someone whose sick, or baking mini muffins to go in tiny baskets to share with friends just to say hi! It is fun! Not a big deal, no one needs to know about it, just simple. 

One of the fun things is learning how you best - love well. 
I think it looks differently from person to person. 
Happy Friday! 

ps. I kinda miss this space. I've been instablogging more than writing here. 

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