Thursday, June 11, 2015

Everyday. Fill Me Up.

Lord fill me up every day. Your mercies are new every day and you are faithful!
Lamentations 3:22-24

Lately my friends & I have been talking about how lost we would be without God. How low we would feel in life without the constant presence of the Holy Spirit.

Honestly, I would most likely not be alive today without the Holy Spirit carrying me through the darkest places of life. If I didn't know God in a deep everyday kind of way and have the Holy Spirit in my life I would be in a constant state of worry, anxiety, and frustration. Probably anger would weave its way in there too.

But God.

Because I have a relationship with Jesus I have never been that woman. The woman the enemy wants me to be. At pivotal points in our lives we make the choice to decide to follow Jesus or to stay in the places we are in. Even if we already have accepted Jesus as our savior there will still be moments of great hardship, trials, temptations, fears, doubt, lies, anxieties... that we have the choice to allow those to take over our thoughts & life or we make the choice to allow the Lord to take over.

Everyday is a choice.
Everyday is not easy but the more we allow God to fill us up everyday & the more we say yes to his ways the more natural it becomes. The less we think about it & closer we get to Him. He becomes are everything and everything else in life becomes the afterthought.

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