Monday, June 15, 2015

A Perfect Me. To Replace a Perfect You.

Jesus help me.
Help me to get it right more than I get it wrong .

Cultivate patience within me.
Help my overwhelmed soul sinking in this sea of sticky counters, cheese covered floors and my unrealistic desire to successfully balance motherhood, wife, ministry, and my dreams come to the surface of your shores.
Into the arms of your grace. mercy. love. 

Jesus I'm calling out from the deeper parts of me.
Asking you to help me get it right.  

Jesus help me.
Help me to get it right more often than I get it wrong.

My desire is to not to be the perfect woman; 
the unflustered mother, 
having it all together, 
maintaining an uninterrupted routine (one not even you could set astray), 
a mother who never raises her voice in frustration
a mom whose makeup doesn't sweat off before she enters the sanctuary doors 
the woman who never repeats her outfit from the week before
the mom who works out 5 x's a week & never drinks coke
a wife who meets her husbands every daily need
all while keeping a tidy home and a working mom from home.

Jesus help me.
Help me to get it right more than I get it wrong.

My soul longs to never be perfect.
God, then I wouldn’t need a perfect savior.

My heart longs to be patient in these waves of daily life.
To yearn for your Holy Spirit to find me day after day as I sweep my floors again & again.
I need this longing to always last within my soul to have your joy released in my home in moments of frustration. 
To speak truth over my body - the temple you have created for me to best serve you from.
Protect my thoughts from harmful words centered around my temple.
Keep my mouth shut never spilling out words of harm over it.
Guard my heart Lord.
Keep me God.

Jesus thank you.
Jesus thank you for helping me.
Helping me to get it right more than I get it wrong.

To notice when I get it wrong and to be encouraged to set my eyes on you. 
To pursue you when my thoughts gravitative towards a perfect me to replace a perfect you.


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