Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In Saying Yes, sharing a BIG SECRET!!!!!

Good morning friends! I have not been too active with writing in this space here of mine. I would LOVE for you to join me on instagram and over at Happy Heart Box to stay connected. For right now writing here is being less frequent but I love this sweet community here and will be sure to follow along as your hearts bless mine. Join me on Happy Heart Box & on Instagram @brittany.willard 

I hope you are doing well today! This morning I have decided to share something the Lord has been doing in my life over the last few months. It feels very scary to write the words that I am about to but not listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading is far scarier for me.

About four months ago the Lord began whispering to me when I would least expect him to. Encouraging me to pursue a dream he placed in my heart a few years ago. So instead of running from his whispers I leaned into them. Leaning into Him and the Holy Spirit has been a daily experiencing I am learning to embrace with open arms. Let me encourage you friends, this is the right choice – to lean into him. I promise it is worth all the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear of listening to his every direction given. Clairty comes with obedience. 

Over the last month I have slowly been writing a devotional and book that will hopefully be complete by the first of the New Year. I could keep quiet until it is finished but as you may know, living authentically and transparent is how I feel called to live. Sharing the struggles of life in all its vulnerable glory is the way I choose to live life. Living in another way to me is by far worse than baring my soul. 

In Saying Yes.

After spinning my wheels to try to come up with the most clever or catchy name to call this book I finally gave in to simply sitting still with the Lord. He sweetly spoke the phrase, In Saying Yes. Year after year the Lord has asked me to do things to make him known, to stretch me, to bless others, to fulfill his plans and purposes and each time I say yes he gives me a little more of himself.

Saying yes to the Lord is a choice.
Agreeing to listen to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis is a decision that I desperately long to make every day. In saying yes to the Lord we shed a little more of who we are to embrace more of him.

Over the next month I will be writing freely over here at Happy Heart Box as a way to prepare my heart to challenge myself to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading in writing. The book he has given me to write is a reflection of his grace, goodness, faithfulness, authority, and sovereignty in my life. Before fully embarking on this journey of writing an entire book I want to stretch myself to grow in writing as well as in listening to him. Some entries from this next month will make their way into the book but most will not. This next month is to simply listen to his voice in saying yes to his direction in writing. 

Last year I attempted to participate in a 31 day writing challenge but failed miserably at posting daily. This year I have decided to try again because its better to try in life than to just allow opportunity to pass by. Tomorrow I will post a little more about what the next month of writing freely and saying yes to him holds for myself and us on Happy Heart Box. Join me on instagram @happyheartbox and @brittany.willard to challenge ourselves over the next month to learn to listen to his leading in saying yes for our lives.

~Brittany Willard

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