Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Love Wall Art

When Johnny & I first got married we moved into a loft apartment on the church campus that we were youth pastors at. I was in college & we were both very busy & didn’t take too much time to think about our living space. I worked @ Kirklands and well that was the style that I went with. It is great and beautiful but just not us. I have been working to revamp our Kirkland's style casa to a more "us" style home.

In our bathroom we had this pretty canvas painting above the toilet for so long & it really does not go with anything anywhere in our home anymore. I brainstormed to try to come up with a way to UpCycle it for our room. I loved the framed canvas & these are not cheap. So I was determined to keep the frame but do something else with the canvas. 

I made what was suppose to be a quick trip to the home depot. After about 20 minutes of trying to locate someone in the paint department I snatched up a tiny $3 sample size of a pretty white cream paint. Next I stopped by Hobby Lobby to buy woods letters for $4 and a can of yellow spray paint for $2 with my coupon.

Later that day I taped off the pretty frame & painted the canvas with 2 coats of paint & spray painted the wood letters with the pretty yellow! I let both of those sit over night to be sure they were completely dry!

The next morning I grabbed my E 6000 glue (previously purchased for another project that I got for 2$ with a coupon at Hobby Lobby) and glued the letters onto the canvas the way I wanted them to look!

Now we have an empty space in our bathroom, but we have a cute piece 
of art hanging in our room. 


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