This month has gown by so quickly that today I visited my little blog & realized I have not been here for some time. It has been a good month. This month God has been doing so much within my heart & spirit. You know that feeling when you can literally feel God working on your heart? I love that moment when He begins to speak to me but I’m not sure what he is saying but all I can do is try to place myself in the spot to hear Him (not necessarily a physical spot). I was with my parents, brother, and my little family driving home from seeing more family in the Houston area on Thanksgiving day when I began to hear God speak to me & feel Him doing something new within me. A few days later on the way to Austin, alone with Johnny, I mentioned to him that I could feel God doing something different within me but that I wasn’t sure exactly what it was just yet. I love that I have a Godly husband who squeezes my hand & says, “Baby, I can’t wait for you to tell me what He is speaking to you”. Good grief! That melts my heart like nothing else! So over the last few months it has been wonderful to see the Lord moving in my heart in new ways. I love the level of faith that God has given me over the last few months, it is pretty incredible. There have been several circumstances in our life that have pushed my faith to limits that it has never gone to before. I know this is slightly vague but I just wanted to share where I am with the Lord right now. Can’t wait to share more of what the Lord is doing within my heart.
January in Pictures!!!
Right before the 1st we went to stay with my family for a few days to celebrate a late Christmas. My sister & her two sweet little ones got to be there too! It was so much fun!
Precious Tucker. He reminds me a lot of Noah in the way that he is so snuggly! I soaked up every second of loving on him. I can’t wait to see these two babies again soon!
My brother with the gift I made for him. I need to make one for our casa soon. I think I will do a heart in the middle instead of a point. I didn’t know if he would like a heart or not. lol. Miss my baby brother so much!
This picture cracks me up. If you know my daddy, you know that he is just so silly & loves to irritate Noah from time to time, in a GOOD way. Noah loves it! Noah acts all mad but then two seconds later he pops back up, laughing hysterically, and tries to get my dad to do it all over again. Love it!
Abbey & Noah stopping to give each other big HUGS!
Love these sweet babies so much! Wish we lived closer so they could play more. They have a blast together, & keep their mommies working the whole time! They keep their Grammy working too. :)
So the last few weekends I have done a few projects around the house. I was out in our shed one day & came across the top of an old chest that we made into a seat for our sitting room. We kept it incase we wanted to use the wood for something one day.. ONE DAY CAME! lol. Take a look.
It is a place to lay our wet/nasty shoes by the back door before we come in. It was super easy & fast to do. (Johnny helped me with the saw & some of the nails) I just took all the pieces of wood off of the previous frame that was used on the trunk. Cut two of the pieces shorter to make a new frame, lined up all the pieces of wood, and got to hammering. I am either going to stain it later or paint it a funky color. I want to finish a few more projects for the back porch before I paint it.
Another project has been on my list for about a month. I spent the night with my friend Jane back in November & she made a horizontal one of these with hooks for her living room. She inspired me to make one for our bathroom. It is perfect for displaying flowers, holding bathroom things, and hanging towels. thanks Jane!
Lastly, I FINALLY took down our Christmas Decor. lol. I was sad to see it go but it was mid January so I knew it was TIME! My cousin Candise came to visit for a few days from PA with my mom, so when they left last week I took it all down. I had so much FUN when they were here! Wished they could have stayed longer of course but I’m grateful for the time they got to be here.
This Christmas was about 90% handmade. I’m so glad that I made almost everything that went up in our house, because it just meant so much more. Plus, it was a blast! I love to create & home decor is the perfect outlet. Oh, I don’t think I mentioned this before but one of my christmas trees came from a dumpster dive night with friends! A perfectly good 6 foot tree all together in a opened box in a dumpster. Crazy! Someone’s trash is more than welcome to be my treasure. So Farewell Christmas & Happy New Years!
We spent our new years together putting our sweet boy to sleep, dancing on the back porch, holding hands on the couch, and writing new years resolutions for ourselves & our casa! You can read mine & the house resolutions under my 52 lists tab.
So ready for this year! Excited for what is to come!
ps… i do believe this is my longest blog post EVER!