Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Afternoon was a Flop

As I mentioned before the last few weeks have been kinda busy for Johnny. This means that it has been kinda a long few weeks for me & Noah. When we I don't get to spend quality time with Johnny we I get kinda cranky. Yesterday I picked him up from the church about 3 pm & I had an evening of fun planned for us. "Planned' ugh I'm not much of planner type of lady. I would much rather roll with the punches & enjoy things as they come. Anyhoo, I was trying something new & I'll just say it didn't go as I had hoped. My plans totally flopped.

We picked up Johnny from the church, stopped by sonic to grab a small fry for Noah (who lately, refuses to eat), we are all being silly & enjoying family time. As we are nearly to the park I realize that Noah isn't rambling on about cute little boy things anymore. I glance back to find my baby boy PURPLE! Choking! Immediately I ask yell for Johnny to please jump in the back to get him out of his seat. In the moment I decide that my husband is not doing this fast enough & my kid is really getting purple! So I quickly decide to slam on my brakes as hard as possible (with cars behind me). Praise GOD! My idea worked & the fry popped out of Noah's mouth & the cars did not hit mine. I was so happy to hear Noah screaming & crying after that. He was so freaked out over choking. 

By this point our adrenaline is in full swing & Johnny and I get into a little spat as we arrive at the park. We play for a bit & then have to leave early because I start feeling really sick. Come home. Play outside but get eaten up by mosquitos. It was an interesting evening that was nothing like I had planned. Other than the very yummy dinner that I made! By the end of the evening I was able to laugh about it, but it took having tea with a friend to get me there (thanks Casey). 
How was your Monday?

Day #1 Where/What I Spent My Day

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  1. Sooo very scary. I am really worried about that sort of thing happening too, especially eating on the go. Your little guy is so cute and I love his name. I have a Noah too! :)

    1. Oh my word! It was so scary. I pray we never have a repeat of that. That's awesome, I just love (obviously) the name Noah. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Love your pictures!
    I am doing a May photo a day challenge ! I hope you join in the fun !!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I am joining in on the fun! I am looking forward to seeing everyones pictures.


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