Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday in Pictures

This morning we went on our first family bike ride. 
We had a blast on the trails by our house. 

Look at this face!!! This picture says it all. Noah loved it every minute. He keeps asking to wear his new hat aka the helmet. 

This weekend I said a bitter-sweet goodbye to my Yaris. She was the very first car I purchased completely on my own, used my own money, & in my name. It was such a wonderful thing, especially at that time in my life (2008), it meant a lot. She was such a fun car to drive, but at this stage in life the Yaris is too small for our family. We plan to have more kids in the next year which means we will need more room. 

Tonight I discovered the BEST way to take the corn off the cob! Johnny had worship practice & while he was there I made corn salsa for tomorrow's lunch with friends. A lot of it. Oh my, this technique saved me so much time & frustration. Also makes me laugh! 

I can't wait for tomorrow. Ready to worship, celebrate my Jesus, and look for the faces that I invited to church. 
Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait! 
Hope your enjoying this special weekend.

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