Monday, April 9, 2012

Such a Celebration

Easter weekend was such a fun time for us. Sunday morning before church I gave Noah a few small gifts to help him celebrate. I picked 3 toys with him in mind. His reactions were just as I had hoped for & his smiles made this momma's heart so happy. We are careful to not overdo Easter or Christmas with presents because we never want Noah to be confused about how special these celebrations are to us as believers. 

Our church held two separate services to provide more space for new guests. Each service was wonderful. Pastor Edgar challenged everyone during the month prior to invite people to come to church as we went out & about in our normal places of shopping & entertainment. For me, inviting people to church (as an adult) has been a challenge. I am thankful for the challenge because all month long I have been imagining what it might be like to be, away from God. A few months ago God really began to soften my heart for women who may not know Him in the way that I do.

 I am guilty of often taking my relationship with the Lord for granted. I am blessed to have the understanding of not only knowing who Christ is (recognizing that He is my savior) and calling myself a "Christian" but I know the importance of walking with Him. I strive to keep my relationship with Jesus ongoing. It is not easy to stay on track but I'm a work in progress and forever I am grateful for His sacrifice on the cross. Also, I am grateful for the holy spirit alive in my life.

To me, yesterday felt like such a celebration. I'm not so sure I have ever truly celebrated so deep within my heart the resurrection of the Lord like I did on Sunday. Loving the growth in my heart & life. Thankful for the salvations yesterday. Such a special day to become a believer. Then again, every day is a perfect day to come to know Jesus.

We had a very yummy Easter dinner with sweet friends yesterday. Stephanie made home made tortillas & Chuy's jalapeno sauce, good grief! Amazing! Johnny & I are so grateful for such a sweet church family. We had such a great time being with them yesterday.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too! If you don't know Jesus as your personal savior or don't understand what it is all about please email me at I would love to talk with you.


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