Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It is Kinda New to Me

Yesterday was a fun day. The last 3 weeks Noah's little attitude has not been so cute & discipline has been very challenging. Leaving me extremely exhausted from all the tantrums and time outs. I've never done this thing before, raising a child, it is kinda new to me so I know it taking time to figure it all out. However, I've been trying 2 different approaches and I think I've figured out what works best for him & his momma. It is all about how we start off our day & how much interaction we have before 10 am. As much as I want to wake up and start picking up rooms & bathrooms I have decided it can wait until about 10 so I can cuddle with Noah, eat breakfast together, and play cars or airplanes for 30 minutes. After that, I can clean for an hour while my happy little boy is peacefully playing in the family room, have me time, and get lunch going. This approach has made such a difference. We still have a few challenges but nothing like we do on the days that I just go go go when we first wake up. Lesson learned. What routine works for you & your little ones?
Live Dead was exactly the challenge I needed yesterday. To be honest last week got so busy that I truly forgot to read the devotions like I should have. I still honored the commitment of prayer, worship time, and some of the reading in the word. So yesterday I started the devotions again. The challenge was: What is my response to sacrifice? I can not even begin to explain how perfect this prompt was for me & Johnny right now in our lives. Incredible.

Notice the sweet little girl on the left, she is a member of the Afar people group who are unreached. Within each devotion Live Dead selects a specific people group who have not yet heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus for us to pray for, they are unreached. Last month I read the Circle Maker which challenged my prayer life to be specific.  So, I am thankful that Live Dead is challenging me with a specific name of people groups who need to be prayed for. 
Tall Caramel Light Frap is often my drink of choice from Starbucks. The last 3 nights I've been unable to sleep much at night & Noah has been waking up at 6 am. Johnny surprised me with coffee to help me function a bit better.
Panera Bread is almost up & running. This makes me a very happy lady. I love going to Panera alone to grab a tea & greek salad while reading a book or getting some work done. Can not wait for it to open!

Today is Noah's last day of Mothers Day Out so while he is there I will be finishing up our wall gallery for our reading room. I call it the reading room because that is where we have an old record player, recent books we are reading, and comfy furniture to cuddle up on to get lost in the word or a great book. Looking forward to all of our sweet memories to be up on the walls after tonight. 


  1. Love the airplane pics!! So cute! Looks like you are on IG! Look me up -- bumberjoy :)

    1. It is rare that Noah is without his helicopters! I found you on IG and am enjoying your pictures.

  2. oh man, i'm right there with you on the discipline/parenting front. i can tend to get busy & not spend the time i need to with c., too. so thanks for this reminder to be more diligent in spending real time with him in the morning. what a good way to cherish these little boys while they're still small!

    1. I am trying to get into a habit that it becomes more natural for me to spend that quality time with him in the morning. It is precious time that I know I will never get back with him.


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