Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making Time for Our Marriage

Do u ever just close your eyes and dream back to a memory of time? 
Dream back to when things were different? 
Not necessarily better, just different? 
For me, I often think back to the first 2 years of falling in love with Johnny. Before having our little Noah & rarely having a moment alone together. Y'all know I love Noah but I'm in love with my husband too.

Last night Johnny & I had a sweet evening of hanging out. We, along with our 2 year old, wandered around a book store for an hour. Johnny & I use to hang out in  book stores for hours before becoming parents. We would grab coffee, hold out our arms to load them up with books, find a corner & nestle in for a long evening of reading, laughing, being silly, and falling in love. We would wander around down town or the university for hours just talking & dreaming.

Sweet moments of time. 

Yesterday at the book store, 
Johnny read to Noah a bit & I found a planner. Noah through a fit. We went home, went on a bike ride, ate dinner, and put Noah to sleep at 8:45. 

By 9:45 I looked up from scheduling in important dates in my cute new planner in a chair to see my husband sermon prepping on the couch across the room. 

I drifted off, back to 5 years ago when 
I could never sit too close to him. Sadly, last night I was sitting across the room from him. 

Not that this is an unhealthy thing to sit across the room working on our own things. But i just thought to myself, i don't want to be so far away from him. Every night isn't like this but I had the realization that with all the company we've had it had been nearly a week since we spent quality time together. Way too long! 

I'm saying this because I know we are not the only couple guilty of not spending quality time together throughout the busy week. 

It's life. It happens. 
The important thing is to keep mixing it up when you catch yourselves in that moment. 
At 9:45 pm I made the choice to mix it up. We had a little impromptu date in our sweaty bike riding clothes with both 

of us looking a mess. 

We listened to our songs and had the best time EVER!!! Seriously, the night was filled with flirting, laughing, and major butterflies in my tummy. 

I'm crazy for my man & last night I fell even more in love with him. Not gonna lie I have moments that I wish we could go back in time to when it was just the two of us & we could go on long random walks all over town, grab coffee at midnight, and read books late into the night. But we sure love and adore our little Noah. Plus I really am enjoying life with the 3 of us & thankful for where God is taking us.

How do u mix things up with your guy?


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  1. I love your post! It's so important to make time for each other. I've been guilty of letting time get the better of me. I love that you guys go to bookstores. I love doing that too. We def try to make time to go on dates at least 1x a month. After we put the kid to bed every night, that's our time to connect as well. I love you blog and I'm sooooo glad I found it :)

    1. I know, we are very guilty of getting distracted with individual work in the evenings & not connecting. Just thankful that we realize we are guilty of it so we try to work on it. lol. Thank you & I'm so glad you found it!

  2. girl i totally loved this.. having been married almost 16 years, i can definitely relate.. we have 3 kids now. so a big thing for us is when we do get out and do things.. we do something NEW. visit a theater and restaurant we never been too... hit up a jazz show or a festival..take a walk on the lakefront.. i have SO much fun when we do that. it feels NEW like when we were first dating... =)

    1. Thats a great idea to visit places you've never been before. We are so bad about just going to the two places we love, ha. Shows are the best places to go with your man because it is TRUE you get all of those new feelings again. Love those feelings.


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