Thursday, June 28, 2012

Noah's DIY Vintage Little Man Party!

Noah's birthday party last weekend was small but fun. We had some family in from out of town to enjoy all of our little man's favorite foods & to celebrate in Noah fashion with airplanes, silly mustaches on straws & to eat all the yummy things he loves! I had a lot of fun making all of Noah's little man decorations for his party. Um, just a  warning, I'm going picture overload with them. Just saying.
I made Vintage Map Pin Wheels, Oversized Confetti, Mustaches on Straws & Cupcake Toppers, Birthday Banner, Airplane Garland, Picture Garland, Mustache Garland, and a Pom Pom Garland! FYI you should know I made all the decorations over a months time, good thinking there! Totally going to put most of the decorations up in Noah's Bedroom!!
We had turkey & cheese crescent rolls, french fries from wing stop, mac n cheese, berries, and cupcakes! It was all very yummy.
I strung oversized mustaches on twine above the bench Noah opened his gifts on.
Opening his beloved Woody doll from Toy Story. (Kid loves this toy! Thanks Grammy)
A few months ago I took Noah's 2 Year Pictures (here) so I printed some of the photos out & strung them over one of the doorways. I also sewed together airplanes doing barrel rolls on the other side.

Noah was not being too cooperative with having his picture taken. Little stinker. Unless he was opening gifts, eating ice cream, playing choo choos, or running around in the water outside. 

Told you, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture with him! No names Grammy was unsure how to use my camera, so kinda only got our heads & the garland above. ha! 

He's a cute little man!
LOVE this little boy of mine!!!
Noah got a very fun gift for his birthday that all the kids enjoyed playing outside with! We had a great time hanging out with everyone! I really missed my sister & her little ones here but I'm hoping to get to see them SOON! I'll probably share some tutorials for the DIY Decorations next week!
 Happy Friday Friends!! 


  1. I am so glad I follow you!!! Pinwheels and airplanes are exactly how I want to decorate our new baby boys nursery. Thank you for the great inspiration.

  2. Congrats on your baby boy! I'm glad you like them. Pinwheels & airplanes are so much fun for little boys. I'm totally sticking most of these decorations in Noah's room.

  3. OH I love this! Such a great idea! I feel like I always see great things on pintrest and it doesn't turn out so great. LOL But yours looks amazing!

    Shooting you an email in a bit!

  4. Hi Brit!! Thank you so much for following my blog! I am stoked to follow yours back too! What a lovely birthday party! I am loving the decorations and am totally saving some of these ideas for my own sons birthday party someday! I love the colors and the theme is so fun! Happy Friday!!

  5. What a cute party! Thanks for linking up at Shine on Fridays! It looks like your little man had a wonderful time.


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