Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday in Pictures

 So these two sweet hearts left yesterday for Houston to spend some time with family. Sadly, I had a lot going on this weekend & was unable to make the trip with them. They are having a blast hanging out with family. So yes ladies, you heard this correctly, I have been holding it down solo. This means in my spare time I am enjoying a lovely home that is clean, quiet, and I have gotten so much done. I will say, it is a very odd & I really don't know what to do with my spare time. Fortunately I've been pretty busy that I haven't had too much of that. 
 Today I shipped off some fun little packages with jewelry in them to new customers of The Happy Times Shop. I seriously am in love with everything in my little shop right now & need to make one of everything for myself! 
 Today I went to Starbucks & had a great time working on so much stuff I've been needing to get done. God has been speaking to my heart about something for the past year & over the last six months he has been faithful to me to see it all come together. I'm excited to share more about this on another day. 
 Today, I also had the chance to Skype with my sweet friend Kayla. Although we don't get to see one another too often we can still pick up like we just spent the day before together. Right now she's in California visiting her cousin. Those are her cousins little ones in the picture.
So the above picture is proof that the leftover cupcakes & cake from last weekend's party are still here. Translation, I didn't eat them. Johnny & I did each have one this week on our little at-home date night. To be honest, cake really isn't too big of a temptation for me. On the other hand, if there are homemade chocolate chip cookies in the house, I'd be in trouble!

Today was a good day. I have not been alone in nearly 3 years. 3 YEARS! That is just insane friends! I'm thankful for a handsome man who is a great father that totes his toddler around anywhere he goes. If your single, ladies be sure you find a man willing to do this sort of thing before you get married & have babies. Trust me, nights like these are necessary! Even if they do happen every 3 years. I miss my boys but loving this time to myself to have uninterrupted thoughts & not cooking & cleaning constantly & the ability to get so much done. Praise Jesus! :)
Happy Weekend!!! 

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  1. Wow! A quiet house?! What is that?! lol I dont' know what I'd do having it to myself for a long time. I'd miss the noise then! Major kudos to you for not eating that cake! If it was me, it'd totally be gone in a few days flat! ha! Cannot wait to hear more about your special project! I'm dying to know!!


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