Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Boys are Back in Town

love these boys! P.S. check out the puppy between us... we kinda have a dog now.

 My boys got home on Saturday & life is complete once again. Not gonna lie I enjoyed having the house to myself for a few days. I mentioned here last week it was insanely quiet but after 3 years of not being alone it was refreshing!  THREE YEARS of not having one night alone, so yes, refreshing in deed.

Anyhoo on Saturday we went up to the church for a while & Noah got a fever to the point his whole body felt like it was on fire. We took his shirt off & let him sit in the welcome center for a while playing with the lights. Noah was pretty sick Sunday-Monday. Thankfully he seems back to his little self again. Although, today he is still extremely clingy when we are at home.
On Sunday night my very good friend Jane came to stay with us & she left today after lunch. I'm pretty pumped because she is moving about 45 minutes from us to take a teaching position. Can you say, WOOHOO! So excited she will be so close to me us again! Last night we watched Felicity!!! Do you remember this show?? Please say YES!
Oh my goodness! I LOVE this show! I didn't really watch it when it originally aired but for some reason (think my sister watched it) I started buying the DVD's & am crazy about this show! When Jane & I were roommates in college we would watch Felicity late at night. Good times! Last night I found all of the seasons on Netflix. Happy lady here! 

Noah also entertained us with his cute little self. I'm hoping his adorable jacket will still fit him this fall. Fingers crossed! Last night Johnny & I went out for a late dinner to grab mexican food. Jane so kindly volunteered to stay with Noah. So sweet of her. It was nice to spend some quality time just the two of us. 

This week is off to a good start. I have been in a very creative mood lately & have made quite a few things. Including, finally working on a project for Noah's room. I'll post pictures later this week. 

P.S. Two weeks until this

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