Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drawing it Out

(thankful for battery operated fans, bug spray, and mosquito nets!)
(even more thankful for the RAIN we had while there. It isn't too common. Glad I packed clothes pins, lol)
One evening after a very long, hot, but wonderful day of VBS & Village Ministry time in Haiti I decided to lay here (above) in my bunk & spend some quiet time alone with the Lord. The last few months I've been listening to a song called, You Know Me, Stephany Frizzel sings it on the Bethel Loft Sessions album & it is incredible. The lyrics are so personal from the Lord. If you haven't heard this song yet, you are missing out. Take a listen... 

As you know, one of the ways I love to worship is through drawing out things that the Lord shows me during prayer time, his word, and as of last week through music. I truly love scripture & prayer doodling because it is a direct reflection of our creator coming alive within us. This is a type of worship that I use to think was "different" & "not for me" but now I am so passionate about it because of the depth the Lord takes me each time I hold my pen to paper while asking him to speak to my heart.  I encourage you to listen to your favorite worship song, grab a pen, paper, and try worshiping this way. You will be blessed! Don't worry about feeling like you "can't draw" because I use to feel silly but now as you can see, I'm so blessed by it that I don't mind showing the world the inside of my sketch book regardless of my skill level.

Yesterday while doodling I let Noah grab a few pens & draw too. He loves it. Its a great way to spend quiet time with your toddler. Anyhoo. Today I'm linking up here for worship Wednesdays.


  1. Hey Brit! I am so happy that you linked up with me and Tiffany today. I feel silly that this is my first time on your blog...I love it! First of all, your little Noah is absolutely adorable!! Second, I am so glad to finally "meet" you and I look forward to reading your blog more and getting to know you better!

    1. Thanks Tori! So glad to link up today, I've been wanting to for a while because I love the heart behind it but it hadn't worked out yet. Looking forward to getting to know you as well.


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